Drake Had A REALLY Weird Moment With Stephen Curry And The Internet Has Questions

Drake Had A REALLY Weird Moment With Stephen Curry And The Internet Has Questions

Drake wears his heart on his sleeve when he watches basketball games (and otherwise, too). But this time around, he did something that made the world wide web EXPLODE with questions.

Drake is someone who always manages to sneak his way into the news for anything but music. The artist has been pretty open about his love for basketball and has been spotted several times watching his favorite team, the Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto-based entertainer’s strange antics have earned him a well-deserved spot on our list of favorite memes. Most of them can be credited to Drake wearing his heart on his sleeve on the courtside. He watches the game with so much passion you can feel it through the screen yourself!


So when his team the Toronto Raptors made it to the NBA finals, a historical first for the team, Drake was considerably excited. He was so excited that the NBA had to tell the Raptors to talk to Drake, asking them to simmer him down.



This time, Drake took that excitement up a notch and did something that had people going umm...:

Drake had an old Raptors jersey with Dell Curry’s name, who is none other than Warriors point guard Stephen Curry’s dad. That’s a pretty sly move if you think about it!

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But that wasn’t the weird part. Drake and the basketball player seem to exchange words, but the singer seemed distracted in the middle of the exchange. Instead, his hand reaches for Curry’s hair and he pulls out a piece of lint.


Well, obviously the internet noticed and exploded with a list of questions, for which Drake had the answer.



Turns out that the entertainer picked out a piece of lint off the basketball player’s head, and to prove it, Drake was selling the piece of lint for a cool $89,300 on eBay.



You can’t help but wonder what goes through this dude’s head? The internet didn’t grow tired of their memes either, and it’s safe to say that people were left pretty damn baffled after that.


Drake’s mystery continues to only grow!

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