Domino's Is Now Launching 'Hot Dog Pizza', And It'll Truly Give You A Mouthgasm!

Domino's Is Now Launching 'Hot Dog Pizza', And It'll Truly Give You A Mouthgasm!

Domino's has recenty launched two new limited-edition items: a hot dog-stuffed calzone and a hot dog-topped pizza. And honestly, that's food for thought!

In case you're an evergreen fanatic of pizza, you most likely feel comfortable around the block with regards to new and exciting flavors. And even though the greater part of us have a favorite flavor that we'd be cheerful to enthusiastically defend in any contention, however, there's nothing wrong in taking a stab at something new.

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And it appears as though Domino's wants to ensure that their loyal customers never have a lack of choices with regards to the all-new menu offerings.

Along similar train of thought, Domino's France recently discharged Hot Dog Pizza and Hot Dog Calzones. According to Brand Eating, the chain's most recent manifestations might be accessible to clients in France for a limited time. 



On the off chance that you choose to order Domino's France's Cal'z Hot Dog, you'll be greeted with a filling including mozzarella, sliced hot dogs, and yellow mustard wrapped in dough, as indicated by Brand Eating. 

It may sound kind of weird, however, it appears as though a unique little something you have to try at least once (regardless of whether it's simply to discuss it via social media thereafter).

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Domino's France's Hot Dog Pizza comes loaded with mozzarella, sausages, pickles, firm onions, and a shower of grill sauce on top. In any case, that is not all — the dish will have yellow mustard sauce as an option in contrast to tomato sauce. In the event that your heart so wants, you can likewise order this dish with hot dog stuffed crust.

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So bid a fond farewell to the days when the only alternatives on prevalent pizza chain menus were pepperoni and cheddar — it would appear that brands are truly growing their inventories.

And in spite of the fact that pizza is a global phenomenon, Domino's wants to embrace their trademark American subject — even all the way to France.

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It's doing this with another off-the-charts pizza flavor that will go worldwide: Burger Pizza. This one will include tomato sauce, mozzarella, prepared hamburger meatballs, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and a burger sauce shower to finish it off.

It's so fascinating to perceive how worldwide chains like Domino's contrast at areas around the globe, regardless of whether that be with local menu contributions or interesting ingredients.

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Moreover, Domino's France includes a huge amount of cool alternatives that you probably won't see in different nations, including a Vegan Peppina Pizza, a mark Salmon Pizza, and even a Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza that joins the two fixings in a truly ecstatic manner which ensures you a mouthgasm! 

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Therefore, if you're more curious than ever about the world of interesting specialty pizzas, make sure to step into a Domino's if you ever find yourself on a trip to France.

We're pretty sure that even if you don't like the pizza, you'll end up enjoying the adventure instead! So, happy hogging pizza lovers! 

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