Dog gets its own photo in yearbook after accompanying her owner to school for a whole year.

Dog gets its own photo in yearbook after accompanying her owner to school for a whole year.

This service dog got a separate photo in the school’s yearbook as she accompanied the 7-year-old epilepsy patient to her classes every day.

Service dogs are lifesavers for many patients dealing with conditions that affect their daily lives. This 7-year-old girl from Kentucky named Hadley Jo has a service dog who accompanies her to classes every day as she has epilepsy.



Hadley recently surprised to find her elementary school had included her beloved service dog in the yearbook and had placed the pup’s sweet photo right beside the student’s own.



Her service dog Ariel is a 4-year-old Labradoodle who has been by her side since she was a puppy.
Ariel can identify the signs of an incoming seizure episode if Hadley Jo is about to have a seizure while at school, Ariel quickly rushes into action. She barks to alert Hadley Jo’s teacher, and then she lies down beside the seizing student and positions herself to cushion her body when she falls.



Hadley’s mother, Heather, said, 

“This dog has really saved my daughter’s life. I don’t know how I could ever thank Ariel as a mother. She goes with her everywhere, to school, rides the bus with her, goes to her dance classes and soccer practice. She always has her eyes on my little girl. It’s a huge sense of security.”



Her school, including Ariel in the yearbook, was a very touching moment for the family. Heather said, 

“When I got the yearbook and saw that they included our service dog, that was one of the most touching moments of my life. The inclusiveness meant so much.”

Hadley’s family is quite active in the epilepsy community and have even launched their own nonprofit organization, Hope for Hadley Jo.



Here’s to hoping a good life for Hadley. Her graduating junior school is a victory for children is epilepsy all around the world.



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Article and image source: Diply

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