Dog Buried Alive After Given 'Lethal Injection' Digs Himself Out Of The Grave.

Dog Buried Alive After Given 'Lethal Injection' Digs Himself Out Of The Grave.

This seven-year-old German shepherd, named Kiryusha, was buried alive by owners after being given 'Lethal Injection.' The dog managed to dig himself out of the grave and walked slowly to the road where a kind lady saw him and took him with her.

This poor seven-year-old German shepherd was buried alive by his owners after being given a 'lethal injection.' He somehow managed to dig himself out of the grave and ran towards the road where a kind lady helped him.  

Kiryusha was helped by a lady who was passing by that road in a car. At first, Olga Lystseva, 39, drove past the exhausted dog who was walking very slowly. Then dog-lover Olga decided to turn her car around and drove back around nine miles to help poor Kiryusha. 


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When Olga saw the dog's condition, she decided to take him with her. She settled Kiryusha on the back seat of her car and got some food for him before driving almost 100 miles to the city of Ukhta to hand him over to a dog rescue center called Kind City.

The shelter then posted Kiryusha's photos online to get some information about him and got to know that he had come from Yemva.

The owners of the dog were finally tracked down by the shelter. The heartless owners said they had 'put down' the dog and claimed he was 'unhealthy'.

The owners also told that they had injected the dog with a drug that was intended to kill him before burying him in a remote spot in a forest near the Ukhta-Syktyvkar highway where he was found.

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The shelter told that the owners had apologized for 'burying the poor animal alive.' Apparently, they have realized their mistake. 

Kiryusha's paw still had a shaved patch where the owners had administered the injection.

Kiryusha has been checked over by vets and, thankfully, he has no serious medical problems other than being hungry and cold, is in good health despite what he's been through.

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Ekaterina Nimak, from the rescue service, said: "Thanks to Olga, Kiryusha has begun a new life.
"In the shelter, he is very calm. He walks on a leash, does not rush anywhere, rarely conflicts with other dogs, and does not bark.

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"He is good-natured with people."

 The local tv reported that Kiryusha is now being fostered by a local family and is getting all the love that he deserves.


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