Doctor Brian Shares a Video on His Tiktok Account Where He Discloses Tips That Help to Grow Taller.

Doctor Brian Shares a Video on His Tiktok Account Where He Discloses Tips That Help to Grow Taller.

Dr. Brian shares four key factors that are helpful to increase height. Number one is sleeping about eight to nine hours a night. The second tip is drinking milk. While lifting weights comes on the third number and the fourth is good posture.

An ophthalmologist based in Beverly Hills, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, shared a helpful video on his TikTok account. In the video, he told his 1.1 million followers the tips that might help people grow tall.

The worth-noting point is that these tips don't claim to help whoever uses them irrespective of his age. Only the individuals at a growing age might be benefitted from the tips. Even following all these things, nobody can guarantee whether you're going to get to the height that you want to achieve.



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Many people tend to look to their parents when it comes to how they look. However, genetics also plays a huge role in other traits. Dr. Walcher said that just 60 percent of height is passed on through genetics.

He said: "That means that 40 percent are things you can do."
"For example, I'm 6ft 2.5ins and my parents were 5ft 7ins and 5ft 5ins. So I'm gonna tell you the four key things that I did - and that's actually backed up by research."

The surprisingly tall doctor continues: "Number one is I slept about eight to nine hours a night, and as a teenager that's really important because that's when your body releases growth hormone and that's when you grow. He added that getting this much sleep isn't always easy because of school hours.


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"Number two is drinking milk. I drink tons of cow milk, and that actually increases growth hormone too, and also helps teenagers grow. The teenage kids need to take notes; they would drink fizzy drinks, sodas, or anything artificial or harmful but milk.


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"Number three is lifting weights, which also increases growth hormone.
However, youngsters must lift weight according to their age and weight under the supervision of instructors. Lifting weight more than one should doesn't do any good, albeit it might harm them.


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And number four is good posture."
It is another key factor for young people who tend to spend more of their time sitting or laying down. It is advised that in order to improve posture and prevent pain we should be sitting with our knees, hips, and elbows at 90-degree angles.

Dr. Brian adds that there's no guaranteeing as to how tall you'll grow, but says 'medical studies' have shown that taking these steps can help.

"But at least we know from medical studies that these things can help", he added.
It's unlikely these steps will help if you've already stopped growing then you might be stuck at your current height.

While Dr. Brian said that there is no way of knowing how tall you will grow, he claims that these steps will help give your body the best possible chance of reaching its maximum height.

Needless to say, the doctor's video did not go unnoticed on TikTok, it has gained around 12,000 comments and 346,000 likes.


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