DIY enthusiast and Hobbit fan creates the most realistic hobbit house, and we are in awe.

DIY enthusiast and Hobbit fan creates the most realistic hobbit house, and we are in awe.

If you are a hobbit fan, you will love how beautifully this DIY enthusiast copied Hobbit’s house.

If you are a lord of the rings fan, then what this guy built in Scotland will definitely grab your interest. We have seen many Hobbit-inspired houses, cottages, and hotels built in different parts of the world. None of them have been this detailed and on point.

Just look at it, it looks exactly like Tolkien’s Hobbit house.



It even has a similar roof with a similar moss pattern. How cool is this?



It looks like the builder studied every inch of the house before constructing it in real life, and he definitely nailed it.
Get a load of this perfect entrance.



The house sits on a lovely hillside in Scotland. As you can see, it features a round door, grassy walls, and mossy roofs. There’s even a pond nearby.



This guy has set the bar pretty high. I don’t think anyone can ever reach the standard that he has reached.
Apart from being built to size, i.e., for someone who is five feet tall, the internals of the house is an exact replica of the real Hobbit house as well.
I have no idea where he got a hold of this furniture.



The place looks super cozy and even has a cute little fireplace.



How on point is this kitchen? I cannot get enough of it. Imagine cooking your comfort food with that view.



So, this whole tiny abode includes a living room complete with a sofa, and other cozy furnishings. In addition to the kitchen mentioned above, there’s also a dining room and a bedroom. And that’s just on the first level mind you.



A staircase takes you to the first floor where you will find the bathroom, a study room, and a second bedroom.





A two-story hobbit house? Take all my money.
I love the toilet seat. How original.



I am in love with this house. I know why I want to visit Scotland now.

If this post has inspired you to do some DIY around your house, here are some cool ideas.

Article and Image Source: Diply

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