Disney World New Opening Advert Is Too Creepy To Be Considered Normal

Disney World New Opening Advert Is Too Creepy To Be Considered Normal

Disney World releases their new advertisment and it's giving people goosebumps.

Disney world's new promo ahead of its reopening is freaking people out. Though people are excited but they are also concerned because of it not being safe. The bizarre ad shows employees and park workers wearing masks and scrubbing handrails and signs with empty carriages going round and round on rollercoasters in the background. People are finding it scary and were quick to share their discomfort on social media.

1. Disney World's new advertisement ahead of its reopening this month is creeping people out

Disney world's Magic Kingdom Park and Animal Kingdom Theme Park has finally reopened their doors on Saturday after more than three months of lockdown. According to Disney, EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios are set to reopen on 15 July except their water parks that will remain closed until situation gets better.

People have mixed feeling about its opening keeping in mind the condition of the country. But most of the people were a bit freaked out after watching the bizarre commercial that aired earlier this month.


 Credit: Disney


2. Here is the recently released advertisement




3. People were quick to share their discomfort, some even added creepy music behind the ad




One person wrote on Twitter: "Disneyland. The happiest place on earth! (Shudder)."


A second commented: "I have watched that Disney World reopening commercial like 10 times and it is still the most dystopian thing I have ever seen. I think it's the repeated 'Welcome' while wearing surgical masks and it's so weirdly creepy."








6. Disney World's precautionary measures include visitors and staff to wear a mask. Hand sanitiser and hand-washing stations will also be provided to the customers, along with partitions between guests on rides


 Credit: Disney


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