Disabled Veteran Rewards the twins For Returning His Wallet.

Disabled Veteran Rewards the twins For Returning His Wallet.

The two fourteen-year-old twins were rewarded with cash as a token of appreciation for their honesty as they returned the lost wallet as it is to the owner.

The world is thought to be a really mean place in every aspect nowadays. Everyone is working to feed his needs and none of the virtues are left in people. But, this is a story, proving that in all the gloom, there are still people on Earth who have their moralities alive and they try to serve humanity.

This is a story of two twins in Detroit, who made a veteran`s day wonderful by returning his filled wallet. These two twins, Makyla and Makhia Vincent were walking their usual way to their class, in the west of Detroit when they came across ‘a wallet’ that has been dropped on the sidewalk.




Although the wallet had a handsome amount of money and credit cards in it, but the sisters preferred to choose their morals and go with the right thing. Moreover, a military ID was also found in the wallet.



The wallet belonged to a disabled veteran, named Marc Walsh, who worked with the Marine Corps. He lost his wallet while he was on the sidewalk on Ward Street in West Detroit. When the girls came across the wallet, they immediately tried to approach him through the address written. But at that moment, Walsh was not at home. So the twins left the wallet in the mailbox and left.




Now, this video was captured in Walsh`s security camera and he knew he needed to track the Vincent sisters and appreciate and thank them. Walsh was so moved by this little gesture of the twins that he contacted the local media and said, “It renews my faith in Humanity, it really does.”




Sometime later, the Vincent sisters were all over the news, and everybody was appreciating them for their honesty. Walsh thanked them genuinely and gave a cash reward to the sisters. The fourteen-year-old Vincent sisters were very happy and they said that they didn’t even expect any reward for the returning of a simple wallet.





Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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