Dignity Bibs That Are Just Like Button Up Shirts And Are Quite Susceptible for Adults.

Dignity Bibs That Are Just Like Button Up Shirts And Are Quite Susceptible for Adults.

Wearing bibs for adults feels a bit embarrassing and they don't feel comfortable at all. This leads to introducing dignity bibs that are just like button up shirts and are quite manageable too.

How much we hated wearing bibs as a child or how awkward it felt when moms did it in restaurants. Then you will understand why the adults feel extremely embarrassed to wear it.




Just like how kids can be messy eaters, adults can be too, especially oldies who have some medical complications or eyesight issues. That's not a big deal but what happens is, we can easily make kids wear them while adults feel quite embarrassed due to this. We know that first hand. Thankfully, there’s now an easy way to make adults wear them and protect their clothes from the messes. It’s called an adult bib.


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However, as we get older, we’re expected to be properly able to eat without making a mess. But some adults fail to do so.


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This happens due to old age or a medical condition and is totally understandable. But an adult wearing a bib in front of his own family or in public is impossible and they find it silly.




An Etsy shop has come up with an amazing solution to the adult bib problem. They have created a way to easily turn any button down shirt into a bib and the one which is not noticeable and looks fine. The seller is not making and selling the actual bibs. Instead, this Etsy shop is selling the patterns for them so that anyone who buys it can make as many bibs as they want. 


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This is perfect for the adults who don't wear any bibs and feel silly and embarrassed because of them. It is also called a “dignity bib” because it allows the wearer to protect his or her clothing very well while still maintaining his dignity since the bib looks like and is made from a real shirt.

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Article and Image source: Diply

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