Designer comes up with an amazing idea to design a house for cats that they cannot reject.

Designer comes up with an amazing idea to design a house for cats that they cannot reject.

Seattle based designer, Gentry, decided to give her cats what they love most but decided to dial it up a notch with a mid-century-inspired design.

What does your cat like to play with? Just kidding. Don’t answer. I know its garbage and old cardboard boxes.


No matter how many toys you get your feline, it will always prefer cardboard boxes over it. Keeping this in mind, a Seattle based designed, Gentry at The Green Mad House decided to put her incredible skills to use to build her cats the ultimate home out of boxes. She specializes in DIY and has designed a couple of amazing projects for her blog.




These are her two adorable fur babies Huckleberry and Floyd.




Gentry decided to build a stylish home for her cats that will not only look good but will also provide them with the comfortable space they want.

Keeping up with the trend, she wanted it to be mid-century style.

Before starting out, she mapped out how she wanted the house to be digitally. Gentry was kind enough to upload the blueprints on her website that are free for anyone to use.



She used a total of two carboard boxes, some tape and glue, acrylics and a cutter to come up with this chic house.



Gentry has shared tons of helpful tips on how to cut the cardboard. She also recommended scouring and bending cardboard so that you don't have to do as much assembling.



Look how great it turned out to be. I love simple but useful DIY projects. The best part is, her cats love it.



She wrote on her blog,
“Huckleberry has slept in it all day while I have been working and Floyd put his catnip banana inside so it has gotten the Cat Seal of Approval”.

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Check out her whole process here!

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