Dairy Farmers In New York Are Donating Extra Milk For People In Need During These Times Of Crises

Dairy Farmers In New York Are Donating Extra Milk For People In Need During These Times Of Crises

When the whole world is suffering during the pandemic, one thing we should never forget is that we are all in this together. So the only way we can survive these crises is by lending a helping hand and taking good care of each other.



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We are going through the craziest time of our lives. All we see around us is hustle and bustle. Everyone around us, from rich to poor, is struggling to survive.

While millions are struggling to go by daily necessities because of these crises, there are many who are lending their helping hands too. 

It is no news that because of the pandemic, schools and businesses have shut down. This has led to a decline in the demand for food and milk by restaurants and schools. 



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As the restaurants and school milk programs are buying less of the milk and the supply-demand to these big businesses has seen a drastic drop, there is a lot of supply of milk that is going unsold. Now there is so much these dairy farm owners can store.



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So during these crises, alternative options are being considered and thankfully instead of wasting away milk, one solution these farms have come up with is to provide it to families in need during this pandemic. 

In Syracuse, New York, dairy farmers have teamed up with the local branch of the Salvation Army and other charitable organizations to donate and distribute 9,000 gallons of milk to families in need throughout New York state.



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The milk will be delivered weekly to the families free of charge. During this time, when poor people have limited options for food and stacking up with groceries is also not possible for them, providing them with milk brings some relief that they will have access to something as basic as milk. 



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The salvation armies have announced that the deliveries will continue for foreseeable future. Hopefully, this will be just one of many partnerships between food producers and organizations with the infrastructure to put that food into the hands of people who need it.






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