Dad Plants Mic On 4-Year-Old During Hockey Match, And His Hilarious Commentary Is Winning Hearts!

Dad Plants Mic On 4-Year-Old During Hockey Match, And His Hilarious Commentary Is Winning Hearts!

Hockey coach and dad, Jeremy Rupke had a hilarious epiphany and he decided to mic up his 4-year-old son during a match. What followed was a series of hilarious yet innocent comments!

Recently, Jeremy Rupke was watching his 4-year-old child Mason at hockey practice when a rather intriguing query rose in his head. "My wife and I were at the practice and we would see him saying something to the kids and the coaches," the 33-year-old father of two told The Washington Post



"We always know he’s saying random, funny stuff around the house. I just got curious, ‘I wonder what he’s saying out there on the ice.'" he added.

As of late, the 3-and-a-half-foot-tall rookie hockey player turned into the game's most recent viral sensation after his meandering on-ice rants were uncovered in a video shared to YouTube by Rupke, an Ontario-based hockey coach whose channel flaunts in excess of 218,000 supporters. 

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The approximately six-minute-long video, titled "4-Year-Old Mic'd up at Hockey," shows Mason rambling around the ice arena, prattling perpetually to himself, colleagues and mentors.

Through the span of his 50-minute practice, Mason mentors himself as he chips away at skating utilizing the two feet. He gets confounded amid drills and gripes about his legs being drained.



Yet, for the most part, he discusses naps and an exceedingly foreseen post-practice outing to McDonald's, or "Badonald's" as he calls it.  Since it had been initially posted, the video had piled on more than 3.1 million views with many – including individuals from the hockey network and expert athletes – describing it as "so pure" and "hilarious." 

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Everything started not long ago when Rupke touched base at Mason's training with a receiver and a camera, composing on Twitter that he trusted he could "at last comprehend what the heck" his child was doing. "It was . . . Interesting," Rupke tweeted about the experience, sharing an abbreviated rendition of his YouTube video.

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Furthermore, the 26-second clip has since been played in excess of 3 million times and liked by hundreds of thousands. Additionally, in the full-length video, a feature reel of Mason's trickeries, the 4-year-old is already talking even before he hits the ice. "Am I a good score-der?" he solicits, swiping at a bit of folded up waste with his hockey stick.

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Subsequent to giving the temporary puck a decent smack, he gladly announces, "Oh yeah, I am." One-twoing his way around the arena, Mason, who just begun skating with the group in October a year ago, has a considerable amount of lurches, which are, obviously, joined by more commentary.  

Source: Youtube


In another clip, Mason can be seen lying on his back on the ice all alone. "Fifteen more minutes and be done and get a baby happy meal," he says while catching his breath. Rupke revealed to The Post he was stunned when he sat down to go over the recording.

"I didn’t know how much he actually talked," Rupke said. He added that it was unlikely Mason had been "putting on a show" because his son didn’t really even understand what the microphone was.


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