Dad Leaves 3-Year-Old Daughter Alone For 10 Minutes In Kitchen, Discovers 18 Empty Yogurt Pots, Devoured By The Girl

Dad Leaves 3-Year-Old Daughter Alone For 10 Minutes In Kitchen, Discovers 18 Empty Yogurt Pots, Devoured By The Girl

Little Olivia surprised her dad when she finished off 18 pots of yogurt in 10 minutes only. The girl was left only for 10 minutes when her dad got busy with gardening but little did Arron know that his little girl was up to a mischievous stunt.



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A dad captured his daughter surrounded by 18 empty pots of yogurt after he left the little one alone for gardening just for 10 minutes. Arron Whysall, 27, came in from the garden on Saturday afternoon to find his baby girl Olivia Whysall grinning with 18 empty pots of Petit Filous on the table in front of her.

Shocked dad asked his daughter if she ate all the yogurt, the girl eagerly responded yes with the spoon in her hand as if she was ready to eat more. 




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The dad was stunned to see his daughter's mischevious act, after wiping off the girl's face he decided to snap a picture as a proof. In the hilarious picture taken the girl looks pleasantly surprised by her actions. Arron, of Nottingham, said: "When I found Olivia with all 18 yogurts, I asked her, 'have you eaten all of those?' and she quite proudly said 'yes'.



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"She was quite pleased with herself about it. I just thought 'fair enough'. I couldn't even tell her off for it because it was just too funny. I was more overwhelmed than anything.
I couldn't believe it. I shouted my partner down and she said, 'there's no way she has eaten all of them'. But I told her, 'I think she has because she's just told me she has'. It really made us laugh. She obviously really enjoys those yogurts."



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Aaron continued: "They aren't massive pots but just the way she'd got them out the fridge, opened and ate them all, then was sat there still with the spoon in her hand as if to say 'give me more' was so funny.
"I had to wet wipe her face as she was covered in it. Then I thought, 'why haven't I taken a photo of this?' I put it on Snapchat at first but my friends told me it needed to go on Facebook and it's gone mad. I'm not a big user of Facebook so I wasn't expecting it at all."



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When Arron's son told him that Olivia was 'eating yogurt,'  he told Oscar not to worry about it as he knew that his daughter was capable enough to open Petits Filous on her own. 

Arron said: "I don't think Oscar realised Olivia was going to eat all the yogurts. He just saw her eating one and thought, 'maybe she shouldn't be doing that' so came to tell me.

"I told him, 'that's fine, don't worry about it'. I wasn't worried as I know she can manage eating a yogurt on her own. As long as she wasn't pouring it on the floor, it seemed fine. I went in about 10 minutes later to make sure she hadn't made a mess and there she was.



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"I thought maybe she would have eaten one or two, but for her to sit there and eat the whole lot, I didn't think she had it in her. She does love her snacks. She doesn't really eat loads at dinner or tea time, but if you offer her a yogurt or fruit, she'll always find room for it somewhere.
"We did have to pre-warn her grandparents that Olivia had eaten 18 yogurts and asked them to keep an eye on her but she was fine. She was her normal self and ate all her tea, we couldn't believe it.
"She's such a little character. She keeps us busy, put it that way. If there's mischief to get up to, Olivia will be the first one there."



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