Dad Dresses Up as Princess Elsa in Support of His Son's Love for The Frozen Character.

Dad Dresses Up as Princess Elsa in Support of His Son's Love for The Frozen Character.

A dad supports his son for his liking of the Famous Disney movie princess, Elsa. Colin, the kid who loves all these Disney Princesses and other male hero characters is loved and accepted by his father and they both went to watch Frozen 2 in Elsa's costume.

Accepting your child and letting him be what he or she actually is the biggest strength and quality of parents. Because, not all parents have this quality and they sometimes consider society's thoughts more important than their child's pleasing. But this amazing father had the courage to accept his child the way he is and present it to the world too. 


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This amazing father is a 36-year-old Scott Stuart who didn’t freak out when his six-year-old son Colin fell utterly in love with Princess Elsa from 'Frozen'. The little kid loved everything about the Disney Princess. Not only did he love the character, he wanted to dress up the same as her and go watch a movie like that. 




This is where most parents leave their children's hand and make them think that they are asking something that's not for them. But Scott broke all the gender stereotypes and the crazy cultural norms and did what his son wanted.




Scott and Colin both dressed up as Princess Elsa and went to watch 'Frozen 2' in the cinema. Scott explains how most of the parents there were accepting and appreciated his move to encourage his son. 




The video of the father son duo went viral on TikTok with people anticipating the father's incredible support. Scott uploaded many pictures of his son and him where they enjoyed being themselves and Colin dressing up as his favourite characters. 




Colin not only likes Elsa, but also some other male heroes too like Spiderman, Batman and much more. This makes it obvious to us how giving your children the necessary acceptance and support make them confident.


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 Article source : Diply

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