These Cute dinosaur comics shed light on mental health issues and inner battles we deal with.

These Cute dinosaur comics shed light on mental health issues and inner battles we deal with.

A duo of two comic artists make cute dinosaur comics shedding light on mental health issues people generally have to deal with. The artist also uses these comics to show what a correct response sounds like.

Despite major awareness campaigns and a day completely dedicated to mental health, most people are not able to wrap their head around the fact that people are fighting inner battles of their own everyday and its important to be nice to people especially if you dont know what they are going through. 

Being sad, down or a tad bit depressed is not considered as an issue rather something that they can easily overcome. At this point it is important to understand it is not that easy. Two comic artists, one named James and the other K, also known for the buddy comics, makes dinosaur comics to bring such issues to light. 

They chose dinosaurs as characters "because they're cool". The comics are a mix of cheerful and sad comics but at the end of the day give us a good lesson. 

Here are some of my favorites

#1. We all need someone like this in our lives.



#2. Highlighting the revelations we all go through while using social media



#3. Thats just sad. 



#4. Unfortunate and true. 



#5. Avoid people and spend the day with my fur friends? All day, everyday. 



#6. Ohh, that might be offensive for some. 




#7. D'awwwww thats sweet. 



#8. What is it about weekends? I feel attacked by this. LOL



#9. We all. Don't we?



#10. Why do so many of these article make me feel attacked?



#11. I dont know what to feel about this one. 



#12. Ha! Ha! Ha!. Well, that is actually true. 



#13. Who else cannot take a compliment? *raises a hand*



#14. We all have that one person dont we?



#15. Adult life. Am I right or Am I right?



#16. Hmm...



#17. Nobody could have said it better. 



#18. We should normalize saying this. 



#19. Maybe we did. 



#20. *Inserts a sad emoji*



The dino comics are gaining alot of traction nowadays. If you wish to see more, visit their instagram profile.

Comic Source: Dinosandcomics 

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