Creative Uber Driver Offers 5 Ride Types, And The Passengers Are Absolutely Loving It!

Creative Uber Driver Offers 5 Ride Types, And The Passengers Are Absolutely Loving It!

When it comes to booking a ride for everyday commute, one thing that bugs us all is the anxiety of finding how the driver is going to be. However, one genius Uber driver is winning hearts.

There are undoubtedly numerous positive aspects of using Uber and there are some, well, less positive aspects to it. Be that as it may, with regards to Uber drivers, it's more often than not, a total hurl-up of who you'll be going through your ride with. And that is surely one of the most frustrating things to go through, hands down! 

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On one hand, there's the abnormally tranquil driver that fills the vehicle with awkward quietness even after you state a gracious greeting. And then there's the person that keeps on throwing unnecessary information towards you about their life objectives and goals when you are unmistakably hungover.

Perhaps, in case you're fortunate you'll be greeted by a driver who has a similar train of thoughts as you.

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Along the same lines, one staggeringly savvy Uber driver has totally aced this entire thing. Envision if each Uber driver had a 'ride type menu' in which you could pick the kind of journey you need.

Surprisingly, that is actually what happened to this rather lucky customer, and it's splendid. Moreover, there are a variety of aspects that individuals generally search for in an ideal driver.

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For a few, it's the correct playlist for others it's not talking excessively or by any stretch of the imagination. Well as opposed to speculating, one ingenious driver thought of the most ideal approach to drive his travelers with the best service – let them look over a menu. The good luck jackpot sparkled down on a man named Luis, who was picked up by this driver with a plan!

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Rather than envisioning what a rider needs, George 'The Uber Driver' has made the ideal traveler menu to enable clients to pick the sort of ride and driver, they're searching for.

Twitter user @LuisLovesGoats came across the keen driver and imparted his experience to Twitter. From that point, the internet did its thing and it's entirely clear everybody concurs this man merits 5 stars and a hefty tip! 

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The exceptional ride choices included: Stand Up, The Silent Ride, The Therapy Ride, The Creepy Ride, and The Rude Ride. But as Lui was feeling down so he disclosed to Twitter that he went ahead with the 'therapy ride' to get some solace from a thoughtful ear.

However, this isn't the first time an Uber driver has astonished their customer with inventiveness, however, the effort is always valued, so it's nothing unexpected the tweet soon turned into a web sensation. 

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Consequently, with just the driver's first name, i.e. George, Lui endeavored to connect with his former riding partner to reveal to him about how much 'web love' he was receiving.

And eventually, the news found its way to him through a companion. The story even motivated George to make a Twitter account, which his new companion Lui imparted to his followers.

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George presently has in excess of 4,000 Twitter followers and recently shared a clearer image of his menus for all future travelers in the region.

Later he included that the whole experience has been fabulous and humbling, composing: "I’m so happy that my menu is making so many people laugh. It is humbling and exciting to see this all over the Internet."

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"Special thanks to @LuisLovesGoats for posting, @mccurly911 for letting me know this went viral, and @Uber for the awesome employment," he added.

And much the same as any other person whose tweet goes viral, George utilized the stage for an enterprise opportunity. The driver began a GoFundMe to get an automatic vehicle since the slopes in Seattle pummel his transmission. 

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