20 Adults Who Are Clearly Bosses At Handling AWKWARD Situations!

20 Adults Who Are Clearly Bosses At Handling AWKWARD Situations!

Unfortunately, life doesn't come with an instructions manual, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative with it. Meet these total bosses who're always ready to take on anything!

From greeting the wrong individual to stating something totally strange, we've all face situations like these. Our life is loaded up with awkward and cumbersome circumstances and it would have been awesome to have a superpower to stay away from these awkward mishaps, however lamentably, even legends from Marvel Universe don't have this power! 

The only thing we can do is to figure out how to deal with any humiliating moment with effortlessness. What's more, we commend those among us who can remain as cool as a cucumber in any circumstance. Along similar lines, here are the absolute most entertaining answers well-composed individuals have given because of surprising turns in their lives: 

1. Like a total boss!


2. A fair question 


3. "I’m going to college. My mom gave me this and added that this is the only cup I am allowed to drink alcohol out of" 

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4. Karma at play 


5. What goes around comes around 


6. Seems only fair 


7. Humor is life's essence 

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9. Sorry, not sorry! 


10. Winning hearts 

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11. Slammed! 


12. True love 


13. Ouch! 

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14. Makes perfect sense 


15. *Pokerface


16. Life happens


17. Time to find another planet


18. That face says it all 


19. *Facepalm 


20. Wait, what? 

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