Creative Parents Using Crawfish Pots To Give Their Children A Bath In Winter Storms.

Creative Parents Using Crawfish Pots To Give Their Children A Bath In Winter Storms.

The US has hit freezing temperatures and hence Louisiana and its nearby places are stuck without water. So parents have implemented a crazy idea to give children a bath with warm water using some snow and crawfish pots. And it seems perfect!

The US has hit the coldest of temperatures this season and a lot of areas were without water due to heavy snowfall and hence the water shortage. 


Unsplash | Fabian Mardi



The Freezing temperatures, snow and ice have made it a long way to welcome the crawfish season. But some parents in Louisiana and nearby states have found the perfect use for their crawfish pots. 




As thousands in Louisiana are without water due to the winter weather hitting the state hard, parents needed to give their kids a hot bath. People came up with hilarious ideas and some of them came up with the perfect idea of crawfish pots to give showers.




While Texas was completely unprepared and not expecting this level of freezing temperatures in their areas, many people are using this time to get creative and they have done something you might be shocked to hear. 

The newest idea I’ve seen is that Parents Are Giving Their Kids Baths Using Crawfish Pots and It’s Genius because these pots are big enough to fit a 6 7 years child in them. Some of them posted the videos and pictures online in which they put their child inside and give an external source of heat to make the water warm.




The parents took snow from outside the houses and put them into these pots. The heat turned them into warm water and it was easy for children to take a bath.

Article source: Diply

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