Creative Dad Designs T-Shirt That Tricks Son Into Giving Massage!

Creative Dad Designs T-Shirt That Tricks Son Into Giving Massage!

Recently, a dad designed a t-shirt with train tracks on it, so he gets a free massage whenever his son decides to play. This dad is absolutely winning at parenting!

It's naturally implied, yet bringing up kids can bring you unlimited measures of happiness that you can cherish life-long. Be that as it may, blended in with all the joking, the upbeat moments, and the childish fun is a great deal of hard work, compromise, tears, and torment! 

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Being a parent is a tough job and at times, it converts into sheer physical agony! When you're always playing around with your little ones and just, for the most part, trying to stay at par with their tireless vitality levels, your back is eventually going to endure the brunt of your endeavors.

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All things considered, in case you're in almost the same situation, you might want to consider attempting one especially inventive method which worked wonders for dad Ken Kawamoto. The Google software engineer's son is fixated on trains, therefore, he formulated a clever arrangement to utilize his child's enthusiasm to fool him into giving him a back massage.

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But how does it work? Well, he designed a train track-imprinted t-shirt to enable his son to run his toy train over it. Thus, when Kawamoto is wearing it, the movement of the trains fills in as a substitute for a back rub! Beside the train track, the white shirt is likewise imprinted with some station signs and even a lake.

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Truth be told, Kawamoto even tweeted a video demonstrating the train track shirt in action! The video was posted a month ago and has, as of this composition, gathered an amazing 1.22 million views. 


Not exclusively does the clever father get a free back rub, yet he additionally gets a tad of unwinding time during which he isn't relied upon to do considerably more than lying down while his son has a ton of fun with his toys.

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Kawamoto alludes to his sly creation as 'the t-shirt that gets you a back massage from your kids just by plopping down on the floor,' Every one of the tracks is set apart by both of the accompanying station signs: 'right shoulder', 'left shoulder', 'spine', and 'lower back' which enables him to order the 'conductor' to coordinate the train wherever he's feeling the most agony.

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What's more, in the event that you have a feeling that you could profit by this offbeat t-shirt, well, then you're in luck! The shirt is presently accessible online for 2,400 yen ($22) ranging from size S to triple XL. We mean, it is the 'perfect' deal considering the long periods of free back massage you could conceivably receive whenever you'd like! 

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