Courteney Cox Recreating The Iconic 'PIVOT' Scene From FRIENDS Will Hit You Right In The Feels!

Courteney Cox Recreating The Iconic 'PIVOT' Scene From FRIENDS Will Hit You Right In The Feels!

Courteney Cox may have only joined Instagram a month ago, but she's already pretty damn good at the sport.

In the Friends vocabulary of show phrasings, there are a couple of words that mean one thing to the non-Friends seeing people, however, convey a totally unique significance for those aware of the show's terminologies. "Lobsters" signify perfect partners, "phalanges" are plane parts, and the word "Pivot" particularly holds a special spot in each 'Friends' fan's heart! 



In actuality, the word intends to rotate or turn and can be related to an object or individual. Be that as it may, in the 'Friends' universe, the word summons pictures of Ross, Rachel, and Chandler endeavoring to lift a larger than average sofa up the stairs to Ross' condo. Therefore, to celebrate the famous moment, Courteney Cox recreated the scene on her Instagram and naturally, people lost it! 



Cox shared a video of her actual companions moving a work desk for her as she exposed them to the sounds of "Pivot!" — once a Geller, always a Geller! Cox played Monica on the NBC sitcom, which was on air for 10 seasons. In spite of the fact that she wasn't in the actual scene from Season 5, episode 16, her callback to the entertaining moment is spot-on! 



As hopes of getting a 'Friends' reunion, reboot or spin-off of any style have for quite some time been squashed, so we'll take a tribute wherever we can get it. What's more, surprisingly, this isn't Cox's first reference to her 'Friends' days on the social media platform.

Cox just joined Instagram in January 2019, yet so far her 'gram game is on point. She is giving every one of us of the stuff we want, and even some we never realized we required. 


Looking through her feed, Cox as often as possible posts throwback photographs with former 'Friends' co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow and even uncovered that her girl Coco watches re-runs of the show. Look no more remote than Cox's profile photo on Instagram, a snap of her as Monica, for proof that she is highly pleased with her former sitcom.



But perhaps her most amusing 'Friends' post came when Cox shot her sweetheart Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol and a companion moving a household item through the house. In the video, Cox can be heard jokingly shouting, "Pivot...PIVOT. Don't scratch the walls." She likewise hilariously captioned the video, "Just another Friday night #pivot." 



Spoiler alert: The table finds its way to the final destination, in contrast to Ross' lounge chair, which winds up cut down the middle and back at the furniture store. One can possibly think about whether Cox's "Pivot" shout out came naturally or was pre-arranged with McDaid. Regardless of the rationale, the video is making fans rewatch it again and again. 



Moreover, one can possibly assume that if Cox is propelled to recreate this notable scene, others are certain to pursue. Clearly, the hunger for the series is still there considering Netflix signed a purportedly hefty check to keep the show on its streaming platform through 2019. 


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