Couple with a 29 years age gap between them are facing a hard time due to friends and foes.

Couple with a 29 years age gap between them are facing a hard time due to friends and foes.

This couple with almost a 30 years age gap has opened up about how their families and friends don’t approve of their relationship.

We have always heard that love knows no bounds. Unfortunately, there are still many restrictions that people around the world face. This couple is going through something similar.
The 19-year-old Natalie Noble met Bobby Lindsey, 48, back in 2015 when she joined his tennis team. They slowly fell in love and their chemistry is unmatched. However, their love story is not void of a fair share of bashing and rebuffs. Nevertheless, despite what they had to go through they are now going strong.



Natalie met Bobby when she was playing tennis with his daughter. She said things were strictly platonic at first, but turned romantic when she left for university.
While talking about their relationship, she said,

“Bobby and I first met in 2015 when he became my tennis coach. It was my first year playing tennis, his daughter was also on the team and he was the coach. Obviously at the start there wasn't any form of romantic relationship, we were purely a coach and a tennis student.”

Natalie believes that initially she and bobby, both were in denial about their true feelings. She said,

“We just kept saying that we were just friends because we were so terrified of the idea of admitting our feelings.”



However, as time passed, they started meeting a lot and would spend hours together. The couple officially started dating last year. Natalie admitted they were 'terrified', but couldn't stay away from each other. She said,

“We kept it a secret for a while because of being so scared of how we would be judged. I think I have always kind of had an attraction to older men. I am super mature for my age so I can't really connect with guys my age.”



However, as they grew comfortable with their relationship and mustered the courage to talk about what they went through, they have started their own YouTube channel. The channel is dedicated to their relationship. They talk about their highs and lows and share advice with others in the same situation.
Even though they are publicly dating now, Natalie and Bobby's families haven't been quite so accepting - with Natalie's mum accusing Bobby of 'taking' her daughter's youth. Natalie said,

“My parents tried to put us through hell to break us up, but it just made us closer as we only had each other. It made me not care as much about what people think and it has taught me self-love. I hope and pray that one day they will be fine with the relationship, but we still aren't there.”



She explained that her mum and dad still haven't accepted the relationship, but now 'tolerate it' because they know it makes her happy.
As far as Bobby’s family is concerned, his daughters, who are of a similar age to her, aren't happy with the arrangement either, but said this has only made them closer as a couple.
She said,

“I love being in our age gap relationship because I have an older heart and Bobby has a younger heart. We know it is not the most conventional relationship, but we are happy and in love and that's the main thing.”

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Article and Image source: LadBible

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