Couple shocked due to uncanny resemblance of their baby with Donald Trump in the baby scan pictures.

Couple shocked due to uncanny resemblance of their baby with Donald Trump in the baby scan pictures.

Parents of this unborn baby were left shocked after they saw how much the baby resembles ex-president of the united states.

Getting your first baby scan is one of the most precious moments of your life. Recently this couple went to get their first baby scan but received a shock of their life.
The unborn baby gave its parents a Halloween surprise since its side pose had an uncanny resemblance with president Donald Trump. It looks like a 'mini Donald Trump' in the scan photo complete with his iconic hairdo and bemused frown.



The 31-year-old Hana Gilmour and her partner Karl Speariett, 34, took to social media after their most recent ultrasound showed their unborn child sharing the same side-profile as the US president.
Hana Speariett said that she was showing partner Karl Speariett photos of her scan when she spotted the strange likeness to the US President - and now 'can't unsee it'.
You can clearly see the 45th President's infamous comb-over hairstyle and a clear scowl on its face. The precious moment for the parents turned into a comedy. Karl could not attend the 12-week scan due to the hospital's COVID-19 restrictions - but the couple can now 'only see Trump' in their precious photo.



It is important to note that the couple is not a fan of the ex-US president. Yet it was pretty amusing for them. They believe their fetus is like the 'Trump Baby' caricature balloon inflated over London in July 2018 and joked the scan showed their child is already rebelling.
Hana, from Lytham St Anne's in Lancashire, said:

"I was looking at the pictures, and I was like 'oh it's cute' and then I said 'why does it look like Donald Trump?’
My partner was denying it at first but I couldn't help it. All I could see was Donald Trump. We're not fans of Donald Trump, we're the most anti-Trump people ever. You've just got to laugh.”

She further said,

It looks like it's got his hairdo. His hair, his little frown. I don't know what else, but it's terrifying. "I don't know what's going on with it. It looks like that giant baby Trump balloon that went around London a few years ago. I was actually in hospital already. I've got severe sickness. My partner was upstairs waiting in my hospital room. I rushed upstairs to show him the pictures. He stood there looking and I said, 'why does it look like Donald Trump?'. We both hate Trump so much, so he was saying, 'no it doesn't, no it doesn't' and was giving me a frown. That's all he sees now. When he texted it to his friends, they said, 'why is Donald Trump on there'.”

To get a public opinion, Hana shared the baby scan image online with the caption: "Seriously though, why does my baby look like Trump?"



The resemblance was so much that friends and family even claimed to be relieved the mum-to-be had pointed it out - after they'd already spotted it in her previous pregnancy announcement photo.


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Article and Image Source: VT, Cambridge News  

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