Couple Invests $55,000 In Turning House Into Sanctuary For 20 Senior And Special-Needs Dogs.

Couple Invests $55,000 In Turning House Into Sanctuary For 20 Senior And Special-Needs Dogs.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes live with 20 dogs in their New York home. They spent more than $55,000 to turn their house into a haven for their pups, all elderly or have special needs.

Regrettably, there's not much interest out there for elderly or special-needed dogs due to increasing vet bills, the empathic strain, or just a loss of enthusiasm. Consequently, many old and disabled pooches in shelters around the country will find themselves abandoned.

Fortunately, two dedicated dog lovers have invested a whopping $55,000, converting their house into a relaxing retirement sanctuary for their furry family to give the elderly and special-needs pooches as much comfort.




Chris and Mariesa Hughes from Clifton Park, New York, recognize that elderly and special-needed dogs not only have the same right to pursue happiness as any other dog but can also contribute joy and love to a family home.

Chris and Mariesa created the Mr. Mo Project after witnessing the stress and heartbreak of costly medical bills for their senior dog Mo. This charity is "determined to ensure that the elderly dog community is cared for nationally."





Writing on their website, Chris and Mariesa say: "Senior dogs deserve the best for the rest of their lives. We believe that senior dogs deserve homes too!"

As a result of this writing, Chris and Mariesa probably saved hundreds of dogs from being put to sleep, helping them get the medical treatment they needed and then getting them adopted to loving homes forever.




Yet undoubtedly, their hard work has spilled over into their family life, as the couple now has 20 elderly and special needs dogs living under the same roof.

The Hughes loves showing off their furry family in a gorgeous portrait in a beautiful Instagram posting.




The dedicated dog owners wrote: "We want to share our pack of all rescued dogs, and what they live with and overcome...all combined to make one big, happy family.

A big chunk of money went to a $30,000 hydrotherapy pool-so the dogs would take advantage of some low impact activity.




Then after a day out in the pool, the dogs will get cozy alongside their owners on a custom $5,000 king-size bed.

Also, the house has dog-friendly facilities like stairs, floor mats, plastic sheets, and more.

A couple of months ago we also published a similar story anout a kind Taiwanese family.This family in Taiwan has taken their compassion and love for dogs to the next level and has dedicated their lives to saving and taking care of thousands of dogs. The family is currently caring for 3000 stray pups and the pups are housed at the Hsu family’s shelter, Mrs.Hsu’s Sanctuary, where they are looked after by the Hsu family, the shelter staff, and a large number of volunteers.


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