Couple Inspire In Recovery Posts With Before And After Pictures To Motivate People Struggling With Addiction

Couple Inspire In Recovery Posts With Before And After Pictures To Motivate People Struggling With Addiction

Brent and Ashley Walker, now a smiling sober couple are going to inspire you in this post with their before and after photos from meth struggle.

1. Inspiring Story Posted On Social Media


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


A Tennessee couple has recently garnered attention with their inspiring post on social media.  The couple's story has gone viral and has been shared over 143,000 times.  In a Facebook post, Brent Walker shared pictures with his wife Ashley. Brent posted two pictures with the caption of before and after. He explained that the first picture posted was taken in 2016 when the couple was in meth addiction. And the second picture was taken a month before. 

In his post, Brent wrote that it will be now 3 years since the couple has come clean with their addiction and are “clean and sober and living for God.” 

2. It Is Possible To Recover!


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


Brent says that he shared the post in hopes that it will inspire any one person out there who is dealing with addiction.  He wrote, “I hope that my transformation can encourage [an] addict somewhere! It is possible to recover!!”

In his interview to Today, Brent told, “It blew our minds. I had a bunch of people who told me that our story has encouraged them to get help and check into rehab.”

3. Brent Started Smoking At The Age Of 9


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


According to Today, Brent started smoking when he was 9 and started doing marijuana at the age of 12 and tried acid and other drugs three years later.  Brent's addiction was not that serious until 10 years ago, when he was partying with his brother Jess and his brother asked him for a ride back home. Brent refused because of his work the next day. Jess drove himself back and met a fatal accident. 

This is when Brent started doing hard drugs. He said, “That is when I went to the hard drugs and tried meth for the first time.”   

4. Brent And Ashley Struggled With Their Addiction Together


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


In his interview to Today, Brent told the outlet he met Ashley for the first time 9 years back. They had an on and off relationship and used to do meth together. In 2016, Brent was released from prison after serving two years of a 10-year sentence, the outlet reported. At first, Brent and Ashley “started getting high again,” but he was worried that if he failed the probation drug tests again, he would be sent back to jail. 

5. Finding Their Way Out


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


This was the moment he made a decision. In December of 2016, Brent explained, “I said to Ashley, ‘I want to build a life,’ and I asked her to come with me and she said, ‘Yeah, I’ll go.’ " The couple went through some major challenges in overcoming their addiction. Brent told Today, “We just fed off each other. If I was having a bad day and craving she would help talk me out of it and vice versa. We blocked and erased every friend we had who did drugs.”

The couple tied the knot 30 days after getting sober.

6. BuildingTheir Future Together


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


Building a new life together, the couple started working for their future. They went back to school where Brent worked for his GED Diploma and Ashley earned her nurse's assistant certification.  Brent now works at a local steel plant and does occasional heating, ventilation and air conditioning work. Ashley works in the local hospital’s intensive care unit. They are working hard to buy their own home. 

7. You Can Have A Better Life


Photo Courtesy Brent and Ashley Walker


Brent and Ashley's story is not only an inspiration for people suffering from addiction but their story holds an important lesson for each one of us. The couple spent their whole life doing drugs and thought that since they chose this life, they have no way out. This is where their thinking bounded them. Brent told Today, “Whenever I was an addict I thought that because I had ruined my life there was no way to turn it around. It just had to stay that way. You don’t have to live like that forever. You can have a better life.” But willing to change their present and with hope for their future, the couple took a courageous step of stepping out of their boundaries. And look where they stand now. They took the right decision at the right time and managed to turn their lives around. We hope that Brent and Ashley's story will continue to inspire more people out there and will give them the courage to find their right paths in life! Share your views with us in the comments below!



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