Community Raises £1,600 in 72 hours As A Mother Shares Her Dream To Be Able To See Her Daughter Walk.

Community Raises £1,600 in 72 hours As A Mother Shares Her Dream To Be Able To See Her Daughter Walk.

Leonie made a post about her dream in which her child could walk. Soon many came to help the brave mother and daughter and Tarli could take her first steps just four days after the post.

Tarli Staines is a ten-year-old who was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The young girl has already gone through four major hip operations and severe pain.
Tarli's mother, Leonie Staines, of Lincoln, who also has two sons, saw a dream in which her daughter (whose movement is affected by her condition) could walk. Leonie felt guilty at first but then thought about something else that broke her heart.



She wrote on Facebook, "I knew I was dreaming and I felt so angry, but I didn't want it to end. I woke up crying and felt guilty – but it got me thinking. What if when Tarli dreams, she's walking? Just breaks my heart."

Soon support and love were sent by many on her post and a Go FundMe page was set up to raise money for the cute girl to take her first steps. The target was achieved just in 72 hours and the mother saw her dream come true.



"On 26 November, just four days after I'd put up the Facebook post, Tarli took her first steps wearing the brace," she said. "She sobbed and sobbed afterward and said she had never been so happy in her life. The kindness and generosity we've been shown have left me speechless. People will never know quite what they've done for us." 




Talking about her girl's birth, the mother told, "I had gone into labour early, and doctors had tried everything to stop it progressing and give Tarli some time to grow stronger, but then she declined and really wasn't doing well at all."

Tarli was so delicate on birth that she had to be taken straight to the neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Leonie could only hug her daughter when she was eight days old.



"We had none of our extended family out there, so we were in real emotional turmoil," said Leonie. "She fought off infection after infection. We really were taking things day by day."

The young girl had to suffer from sepsis (an infection) and collapsed lungs.



"She's the most positive, driven little girl I've ever met and she has gone above and beyond what anybody said she could do. She's so headstrong that she doesn't want to just sit there. She's determined to find a way of doing things for herself and has the patience of a saint. She doesn't mind how long something takes her, as long as she is able to do it without any help," Leonie added.



The mother also told about the surgeries that Tarli had to go through at a tender age.

"Because her legs are so stiff, her hips can get forced out of their sockets. As a result, she's had to have four hip replacements in as many years. The first time she had surgery, at just five, it was horrendous. Afterward, she had to wear a cast from her ankles to her ribs, and it was excruciating for her. When we heard she needed it a second time, it was so difficult, as she looked to me almost as if to say, 'Can you say I don't have to do this?' But I knew she needed it," she said.





"I didn't feel comfortable asking for help, but I reminded myself it was for Tarli, not me. I never expected to reach the total on the GoFundMe page, but the kindness we have been shown is extraordinary. Tarli never stops smiling, and her favorite thing is to make people laugh. She has blossomed so much from that little baby who was always crying in pain, and it's wonderful to see. People always tell me I'm strong for what I'm dealing with, but the truth is, that Tarli has taught me to be. She's the strong one – I'm just following her lead." 






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