Comedian Accidently Receives An Invitation To A Dental Conference, Twitter Reacts Amusingly

Comedian Accidently Receives An Invitation To A Dental Conference, Twitter Reacts Amusingly

Paula Skaggs, a comedian by profession, when got an accidental invitation to an international dental conference with a message to bring a bag of teeth with her, decided to make the most of the situation and amused the world of Twitter in the most entertaining way possible.

1. Skaggs decided to amuse the internet world



Have you ever been assumed for someone else or got invited mistakenly to a wrong event? I think this misunderstanding has happened to almost all of us. Either we get greeted as a stranger or receive a parcel not meant for us. In these situations, we usually correct the situation and try to clear the misunderstanding as soon as possible. Well, a funny incident happened with Paula Skaggs, a comedian by profession. Tempted to make the most of this situation Skaggs decided to amuse the internet world.

Skaggs, a comedian by profession is also a writer and producer. She is best known for her work with Second City. The comedian is well known for her podcast called Being Earnest, which she created with her friend Josh Linden and the duo discuss a wide variety of topics in the show. So when it comes to the art of capturing the audiences' attention, Skaggs is definitely a pro, including Twitter.

2. Skaggs responded to the mail with a touch of humor



We all have experienced misunderstandings in life, unfortunately, we don't know the art of taking it to the next level. Skaggs recently got an invitation from the International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health. The event is an actual medical health conference that will be taking place in the UK from September 16 to 18, 2019.

The email reads, “Based on your expertise we would like to invite you as a Speaker or Delegate at this conference.” The conference asked the comedian to attend the event as a speaker and not even a comedian. It seems like some real mix up here, right? Well, Skaggs with her comedian soul was compelled to reply to the email with humor. So she pitched in some remarkable topic suggestions to the event coordinator for her supposedly “dental speech.” Her first speech idea was called “Arts, Crafts, Teeth… and YOU! Simple, Fun Art Projects to do with Discarded Teeth.”

3. Skaggs suggestion of ideas also included necklaces and terrariums







Skaggs's suggestion of ideas also included necklaces and terrariums. Unfortunately, for her, the event decided to ignore her suggestions. This prompted her to change her topics. The comedian was even recommended bringing a few bags of teeth to the seminar. Okay, not gonna lie, this sounds pretty fun! Her new ideas now included, “Now, it’d be called “Teeth! What Are They Goof for? (Absolutely Nothing), Think Again Buddy! An In-Depth Look into How Teeth Can Be Beneficial.” Skaggs unique ideas amused Twitter to the point that they started a trend of tagging the conference official page to make sure her invitation to the conference does not get canceled.

Still, no response from the coordinator, Skaggs again made an effort to change her topics for the speech. Her new topic this time was about the importance of using improv in dentistry instead of teeth.

4. New discovery




Later, it was discovered that she was not the only non-dentist person invited to the event, meaning the attendees could be anyone. The only difference was they might have deleted the email as soon as they received it. But Skaggs sense of humor didn't allow the opportunity of entertainment to go in vain.


5. Winning new followers on twitter







What was the best part of all this interaction? Skaggs won a bunch of new dedicated fans. Twitter users actually thanked her for giving them a good laugh and entertaining them.


6. Skaggs sense of humor has already won the internet




Skaggs, surprised by the attention that her tweet got, used the attention to direct people to her podcast. And as expected, she got a lot of responses like this.

Skaggs (and her bag of teeth) presence will definitely add more charm to the conference and might as well entertain the guests in a similar manner. We really hope the comedian makes it to the conference!



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