Cockapoo siblings recognize each other and their warm hugs are melting people’s hearts.

Cockapoo siblings recognize each other and their warm hugs are melting people’s hearts.

Dog siblings recognize each other after being apart for 10 months and instead of playing they just hug each other.

As far as pets recognizing their owners and human friends is concerned. There is a ton of evidence that pets do recognize the humans even after decades pass. However, when it comes to recognizing their siblings from the same litter, people have mixed beliefs.

Some say dogs do not recognize their siblings unless until they have spent a time of their initial life with them. Even then, there is no scientific studies to back the concept up.

Nevertheless, some breeders, based on their experience believe that if puppies spend at least weeks with their siblings, then they are more likely to remember them.
This recent incident involving two Cockapoo siblings definitely prove that dog siblings not only recognizing each other, but being happy to see each other again.



The fact that humans try to read and analyze a lot of emotion and intent behind our pets’ actions in general. Thus, when a twitter user shared the picture of the two siblings hugging the netizens responded with a collective "d'awwww."

The picture from the tweet reveals that the user’s dad was walking his dog when he found his sibling on the way and instead of the regular sniff and pass, the duo decided to stand and hug each other. How adorable?



After talking for a while, the owners found out that the dogs, Monty and Rosie, were actually brother and sister. Rosie's human, Susan Killip, said that the litter had six puppies, but these two were particularly close.
The duo even spent an extra week together before Monty was adopted and moved away to a nearby village.
Both dogs are 10 months old now and have become an internet sensation since the tweet was shared.

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