CNN Anchors Make The Mistake Of Wearing Matching Green Outfits, And Obviously Get Green Screened!

CNN Anchors Make The Mistake Of Wearing Matching Green Outfits, And Obviously Get Green Screened!

Recently, 2 CNN reporters decided to wear green matching outfits to the studio. Naturally, a person made the best out of the opportunity and green screened their outfits!

The primary and most important thumb rule of presenting the news in front of a camera - don't wear something green or else you'll end up regretting it forever. Now even though many reporters in the past have suffered their fate by wearing green to the news studio yet the trend still continues.

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Unfortunately, few poor news reporters forget about the one unsaid rule every now and then, and obviously, suffer the hilarious consequences! Just imagine, if one green dress can transform the daily news into a comedy movie, what would happen if 2 of them appeared at the same time? Something majestic, we assume!

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Now, let us be perfectly clear that all of us here love nothing more than a charming matching outfit and fortunately, so does the ever-eager netizens of Twitter. Be that as it may, what we're kind of worried about is that Twitterati may be loving it a little too much for everyone's comfort. 

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Along the same lines, 2 CNN reporters suffered a very similar fate when they decided to don matching green outfits to the news studio. Unfortunately, little did the poor and gullible reporters know that due to their fashion choice they'd soon become the laughing stock of the entire world wide web.

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First of all, let us address the elephant in the room. Those matching green outfits in themselves look pretty hilarious and bizarre, especially due to the fact that both the reporters look uncannily similar, however, that is not the sole reason the entire Internet is laughing at them. 

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As most of us must be aware that all news showrooms use green screens for their CGI needs, and that is particularly why reporters are prohibited from wearing green color on air. That is exactly what happened to these 2 reporters when someone used their matching green outfits and used it as a screen to project the 'Big Enough' meme which features a random old man singing. 

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The video originally posted on Reddit by user 'Jcepiano' has since gone viral garnering over 33,000 upvotes and 500 comments in totality. Moreover, The Daily Show's Matt Negrin seized the opportunity and transformed the already hilarious video into a dubstep mix which is undoubtedly ringing a bell with the younger generations. 



However, news reporters aren't the only ones prone to green screen attacks. Previously, the queen of UK herself found herself at the receiving end of something very similar. Back in 2016, Queen Elizabeth II decided to wear a green outfit for her birthday celebration, naturally, people turned her into a meme and started sharing their own rendition. 

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