China Builds A 1000 Bed Hospital In Just 10 Days Amidst Coronavirus Crisis.

China Builds A 1000 Bed Hospital In Just 10 Days Amidst Coronavirus Crisis.

In an effort to rush against time and to save more lives, the authorites in China have built a 1000 bed hospital in just 10 days to treat patients affected by the virus and to prevent the further outbreak in the country. Reportedly the authroities spent 24 hours in finalizing the design plan.

1. Building a makeshift hospital in just 10 days



To battle against the novel strain of Coronavirus, China has built a makeshift hospital in just 10 days in Wuhan, the center of the virus outbreak in central China's Hubei Province.  The hospital is specifically dedicated to treating the patients of this virus. According to the reports, a total of 1400 medics from armed forces have been assigned to treating the patients of Coronavirus in Huoshenshan Hospital. 

2. A solution to accommodate the incoming patients



The medics consist of 950 people from hospitals affiliated to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Joint Logistic Support Force, and 450 from medical universities of the army, navy and air force of the PLA who were sent to Wuhan earlier. Following the protocol that was followed during the SARS outbreak in Beijing in 2003, Wuhan started building two makeshift hospitals: Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) and Huoshenshan. On Jan. 23, workers broke ground on Huoshenshan Hospital, with a capacity of 1,000 beds.

As the number of cases has been increasing tremendously, China feels the pressure of thinking of a solution to accommodate all the incoming virus affected patients. So the authorities decided to replicate  Xiaotangshan Hospital, a temporary makeshift hospital that was established in one week to combat the outbreak of SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

3. Make the mission impossible possible



Fang Xiang, project manager of the Third Construction Co. Ltd of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau considered the mission impossible to build a hospital this big in just 10 days. "For a project of this scale, it usually takes at least two years. It takes at least a month to construct a temporary building, not to mention a new hospital for infectious diseases."

Voicing his concerns, a staff member of Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau said that the number of migrant workers playing their part in the construction it is next to impossible to provide sufficient food and on-site shelter. But considering the circumstances, they had to make the impossible possible. 

4. Wuhan's confirmed cases of infection rose from 495 to a staggering 4,109



From Jan. 23 to Feb. 1, Wuhan's confirmed cases of infection rose from 495 to a staggering 4,109.  This has put additional pressure on the authorities to come up with a plan fast.  Because of the surge in the number of patients and with no place for treatment, many patients had to stay at home in quarantine and if these patients do not receive the desired treatment on time, this could be one of the leading factors for the virus to exacerbate. 

Located in a sanatorium near Zhiyin Lake in southwestern Wuhan, the hospital is far away from downtown areas where people converge. The area has sufficient transportation and pipeline systems, and existing dining halls and dormitories are ready to provide services.

5. Building the "Fire God Mountain" 



Reportedly the authorities spent 5 hours to come up with a design and the final draft was created in 24 hours. The assignment was given to three companies to build the "Fire God Mountain" under the Third Construction Co., Ltd. of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. Fang Xiang's colleague Shen Kai said, "I have never participated in such an urgent task, and I have never seen so many companies involved in a single project," said Fang Xiang's colleague Shen Kai. "It is a tough job, but we need to give it our best shot."

According to the reports, thousands of workers took part in construction with hundreds of machines operated simultaneously as they rushed against time to save more lives. People have been giving it their all for the construction of the hospital and some of them even slept for only four hours a day. Ma Jiaqiang, 47, volunteered for the project when he read about the recruitment ad for Huoshenshan Hospital on social media. "I have been working in Wuhan. It is my home," Ma said. "I just had to take part." He operated a digging machine for eight hours a day at the construction site. "I feel honored to be able to part of this," he said.


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