'CHICKENDALES!': This Mother's Day Gift Your Mom A Customized Chippendales Show From KFC!

'CHICKENDALES!': This Mother's Day Gift Your Mom A Customized Chippendales Show From KFC!

You can now go to Chickendales.com to rustle up a special Mother’s Day video for your mom. Entering some basic info-like your mom’s name and where she lives, a video will be generated.

Making sense of what to get your mom on Mother's Day can be truly precarious. All things considered, how would you gather all the adoration and fondness you have for the lady who brought you up in only one present? All things considered, KFC is putting forth a customizable 'Chickendales' video as an alternative and it's something else! 

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Here's how it works; you go to Chickendales.com to make a unique Mother's Day video for your mother. You enter in some fundamental information—like your mother's name and where she lives—at that point you see a short promotion about an extraordinary KFC treat in your general vicinity. But that is where the actual fun begins! 

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A video is created dependent on the data you gave, and it includes a strange collaboration of The Colonel and Chippendales. "Oh howdy, Mom," he says, flaunting his chiseled face, before ripping off his shirt (sigh). "I hear you’re the best mom in the world. Well, what do you think, boys?" All of a sudden, he's joined by an entire team of Magic Mike aspirants, who likewise rip off their shirts.

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They put on ties (since moms deserve a classy gift) and continue to strike a dance move just a mother could love. Random folks pause in the video and state things like 'you’re the best' and 'this is for you,' as the men stroke their abs and tear off their pants. Their briefs have an additionally exceptional message for your mother, by the way. Honestly, you've just got to watch it for the full impact! 


The video closes with the men all of a sudden dressed as KFC top choices, as yet spinning to the music. In the event that your mother is somebody who cherishes chicken, she'll be all up for this. It's straight up humorous, it has fried chicken, we mean, what else could a mother need for her exceptional day, other than a full bucket of chicken?

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Be that as it may, various netizens weren't up for the rather offbeat move by the fast food giant, and a majority of them took KFC to school. "Please don't f**k my mom Colonel," one frustrated user wrote on Twitter, another hilariously added, "Ay! Hands off meh mum!" 


Obviously, KFC is clowning with this entire thing, yet in reality, it sort of works. Regardless of whether your mother cherishes KFC or simply has an offbeat comical inclination, this as well might the be the ideal cherry—no—chicken on top of the effectively amazing Mother's Day gift you're getting her! 

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