'Cheat Codes’ For The Universe | A Viral Trend Taking Over TikTok.

'Cheat Codes’ For The Universe | A Viral Trend Taking Over TikTok.

The Grabavoi hashtag has so far gained more than 45 million views on TikTok, claiming the codes helped them get them what they wanted. Grabovoi believers claim that there is a range of options for activating the cheat codes. Apparently, as long as you *really mean it,* the universe will reply.

You might have used cheat codes while playing your favorite video game. But you wouldn't have ever used them in real life - until now.
Grabovoi codes are supposedly "cheat codes" you can enter into the universe to influence your fortune, and they're taking TikTok by storm.

The hot thing in the world of spirituality and wellness right now is the idea of manifesting, which is essentially thinking about something a lot until it happens. Like many things in that world, this is a harmless mental exercise until it is taken to its extremes. One of those extremes is Grabovoi codes, which are currently taking over TikTok as "cheat codes" for wealth, health, and love.

The idea is part of a wider trend on TikTok encouraging users to ‘manifest’ their own goals in life – claiming that by essentially thinking about something really hard, you can make it come true.

Now, some users have taken things a step further, by telling people its possible to add another level to their ‘manifestations’ by giving literal codes to the universe to get what they want. 


Essentially there’s a whole list of numbers that help manifest different goals. For example, if you’re trying to get in shape, the code 8420692 will get you your ‘desired body.’ Want to be YouTube famous? Just write down 69719024 on a piece of paper and watch the new followers flood in.

They might seem like just another TikTok trend dreamt up out of thin air, but VICE reports that there’s actually an interesting – if not slightly disturbing – history behind the Grabovoi idea.

The codes are reportedly the brainchild of Grigory Grabovoy – a Russian mathematician who once drew hundreds of supporters to seminars in which he claimed to have special powers that allowed him to resurrect the dead. But sooner, he was convicted of fraud in 2008 for promising the parents of children killed in a school shooting that he could resurrect their children. 

User @anilasita said she was “cynical” before, but the code “524 741 8” brought her “unexpected money.”
“I was like, ‘I don’t think we’re on some Sims s***. I don’t think real life works that way’ … until I randomly decided to test it out myself,” she explained.

She wrote the number in the air and said it twice with a smile on her face, and later that day found a shopping cart she could use for free and got a random booking for her business.
“OK universe, I heard you,” she said.

No evidence using the codes makes any sort of deal with the devil or dark spiritual forces. They supposedly work on the alternative medicine principle of radionic signatures, which suggests that everything has a unique vibration ascribed to it.The “cheat codes” unlock that vibration for whatever you want.




it’s important to remember that you should only dabble in mysticism in scenarios that are not harmful to yourself or others.
don’t expect to pay your bills with cheat codes unless you’re playing The Sims.

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