Celebrity Beauty Expert Recommends 'Sp*rm' Face Masks For Younger Skin!

Celebrity Beauty Expert Recommends 'Sp*rm' Face Masks For Younger Skin!

Chelsee Lewis, who is based in Mayfair, has been in the beauty industry for the past 22 years. She has worked with celebs like Stella McCartney and Suki Waterhouse to name a few.

As of late, a celebrity beauty specialist has uncovered some rather offbeat tips on how you can get a young sparkle like the stars. Chelsee Lewis, who is situated in Mayfair, has had more than 22 years of involvement in the beauty business and has a consistently growing A-list customer base. 

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He clientele includes the likes of Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Suki Waterhouse, and Erin O'Connor. With the primary aim of keeping the skin healthy, youthful and looking perfectly crisp, she makes bespoke treatment experiences and skincare designs so every customer meets their skincare objectives.

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What's more, presently, talking exclusively to Daily Mail, she has recounted a portion of her best-kept secrets - including sprinkling your face 15-20 times with super cold water before applying cosmetics, utilizing ultrasound for tightening and anti-aging and sp*rm to help decrease wrinkles. 

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Speaking to the MailOnline, Chelsee said, "It's one of the best ways to boost oxygen and improve circulation to the skin, which will give you an immediate glow. Intercourse helps the stress hormone but also helps to balance the hormones and improve collagen production." 

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"But you can go one step further with a sp*rm mask. Yes, you heard right! Using your partner's sp*rm as a mask is full of a compound called sp*rmine, which is an antioxidant which can help reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin, prevent acne or spots and give you overall healthy-looking skin," she added. 

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Despite the fact that it's uncertain presently whether any of the celebs that she has worked with has decided on this specific treatment, she uncovered that customers aren't quite shy of having s*m*n rubbed onto their skin. 

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However, if rubbing s*m*n onto your cheeks doesn't exactly do it for you, dread not! Chelsee has a couple of different less personal techniques for staying on fleek. On the off chance that you have an extra half-hour toward the beginning of the day, at that point you could be in luck.

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Chelsee added, "Take a teaspoon of coconut oil first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth on an empty stomach. Swish this around the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. You will feel your lower face starting to ache as it's exercising the lower muscles in the face. If you stick to the same regime on a regular basis you will feel your face starting to get tighter."

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