Cat Hangs Around Hospital So Much He Gets His Very Own Job.

Cat Hangs Around Hospital So Much He Gets His Very Own Job.

Cats as employees are now a thing as seen in the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Australia. Meet Elwood, the now security guard at Epworth who makes sure law and order is present within hospital grounds.

No matter how dull or frustrating your task, maybe, you have to admit — workers make the process experience a lot less of a problem. There's always one person who can connect, joke around, and be a friend in an atmosphere otherwise all-business and no enjoyment.

What if I told you it could be even more amazing to have a coworker when he's not a person but a cat? Yes, cats as employees are now an element as seen at Richmond, Australia's Epworth Hospital. Meet Elwood, Epworth's now security guard who ensures there are law and order inside hospital grounds.



Meet Elwood, the red-white tabby that was seen (in fact quite a lot) hanging across the Epworth Hospital's main entrance in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. Chantel Trollip, a pathologist at Epworth Hospital, clarified that for about a year now Elwood has come to the hospital to chill almost every day.

He spends most of his time either "safeguarding" the gate, checking if anyone has any pets and care to offer, or catching any sun in nearby woods. You know, doing what is best for a cat.



One day as she was getting in for work, Trollip found that Elwood is now wearing some form of tag with a collar. She found, upon closer inspection, that Elwood was assigned to work as a member of the Epworth Security team.

"I first noticed his ID badge on him in June. I was having a case of the sads that day, but seeing his ID badge turned my whole mood around!" explained Trollip. "When I first saw him, he wasn't wearing anything, so I assumed he was a stray. Then someone put a collar and tag on him, and now most recently he's got his ID badge, which is identical to our actual staff badges down to the call codes on the back."



And, it turns out, Elwood's keen interest in preserving public order in the hospital landed him a proper job as a security guard. Best wishes, Elwood! It's important to remember, however, that his everyday routine hasn't changed because he's always doing same two things: locking the door to make sure no one comes in without a pet tax and lazing in the sun.



"He is lovely and friendly, but not overly affectionate. He enjoys a good pat but likes to keep things short and move around a fair bit. He is on the security team, after all, has to make sure everyone coming and going gets checked," explained Trollip.



As for where Elwood came from until recently no one was positive about it. Because Elwood had the tag and nobody took it off, he was believed to be a lost one, but as it turns out, with his real family and a twin brother named Jake, he lives along the way. He's just going to the other side of the road for work (Erin St).



"He's never really tried to get into the hospital, I think he's too small to activate the automatic doors anyway," elaborated Trollip. "There is a kidney dish from the hospital that someone has turned into a water bowl for him."




So, now that he's a part of the security team, we've asked Trollip how many criminal activities he's been able to thwart so far. She had this to say:

"I think any potential criminals are thwarted by his sweetness when passersby see him! He has a very sweet chirp of a meow, and I think anyone with any ill will would automatically change their plans upon hearing it and so I assume this is his way of getting the job done."

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Image credits: Chantel Trollip


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