Caring Farmers Join In Hands To Help Harvest Crops For The Neighbouring Farmer Fighting Cancer!

Caring Farmers Join In Hands To Help Harvest Crops For The Neighbouring Farmer Fighting Cancer!

Harvesting is the best time for the farmers, when one couldn't be available because of wrenching cancer, neighbouring farmers don't hesitate to do the hard work for him! They worked with their heart to harvest the crops for their fellow farmer, Greg Bishop who was fighting Leukemia.

Farmers play a very vital role in providing food around the world. They work very hard to bring you the finest harvest. 

One such dedicated, hardworking and humble farmer, who is also a great friend to his peer farmers is Greg Bishop! Greg has proved to be a very good-natured person and a genuine friend along with being a great farmer.

Like many other beautiful but unfortunate souls in this world, Greg also became the victim of the devastating disease, Leukemia. 

With the chemotherapy sessions going on, Greg has no time to harvest his cotton fields. 

Greg Bishop's immunity had already been weakened due to the chemotherapy so, during the coronavirus pandemic, he had no choice but to be extra careful about his safety.

Working outdoors with the current health and world conditions weren't allowing Greg to tend his cotton fields. 

He couldn't risk exposure to Coronavirus when he's already fighting a deadly illness. Greg was going through a very crucial period. The devastating illness wasn't letting him work and the chemotherapy sessions were too heavy on his pocket. It was a double whammy.



Greg tends about 450 acres of land and the land would have been doomed if not harvested on time. So Bishop's friends stepped in. His friends and neighbours joined in hands to harvest his land for him. Greg is not just a farmer in his community, he is also a very humble friend to his beloved fellows. His friends didn't think twice before helping him to harvest the land, surely, a friend in need is a friend indeed! 


Farming equipment, some of the most expensive variety, came in one after the other.

Each one with a fellow farmer operating it, and each one willing to lend a big helping hand to someone in great need.


heavy equipment


Philip's good friend and the manager of Floydada Co-op Gins, was eager to share his impression of Greg.  

'If your friend was battling cancer and needed help taking care of something, I’m sure you’d absolutely volunteer without hesitation too.'

All the peers were ready to help.
In fact, the whole town was interested in helping him out. 


source:  YouTube screenshot


Aaron informed KCBD that the number of people eager to help was so huge that they turned down many as they had enough men needed to do the job.

Helping or being there for your friends during hardships is the real spirit of friendship. This showed the world that we become more powerful when we are kind and work together, hand in hand.

Another farmer, Robert Nixon said, “We probably had around 300 to 400 acres, and we started at around 10 o’clock in the morning, and a little before 3, we were done. I mean…we had that many people. It was just overwhelming how many showed up.”


Greg's colleague


“He’s got a lot more worries down the road than just getting his crops in, so we were all just really glad to do it. And I was glad to be a part of it.” -Dave Carthel 

It wouldn't be wrong to say: Kindness breeds kindness, often much faster than any crops that grow in the fields.

As a blessing for paying for and tolerating the chemotherapy, Greg's farm is in safe hands and he still receives income from his farm.

Surely growing acres of cotton, corn, or wheat is rewarding, but growing a circle of supportive, loving, and trusting friends is a great blessing!

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