Cardiff university students are being praised for chaperoning females’ home on alleged ‘rape day’.

Cardiff university students are being praised for chaperoning females’ home on alleged ‘rape day’.

After the news of alleged international ‘rape day’ started circulating, Cardiff university football team decided to chaperone female students to their homes. The news turned out to be a hoax though.

You might have come across a hoax called 'National Rape Day' last week. Although it was an abhorrent hoax, it was enough to scare women and concerned parties across the country. Warnings were issued by schools and universities as the abhorrent hoax swept across social media, with some videos claiming sexual assault would be 'legal' on 24 April.



However, the Cardiff university football team decided to do something about it. One of the players Ben Marett sat furiously racking his brains for ideas to help his female friends. Determined to do something to protect fellow female students when they attended parties at the weekend, Ben enlisted the help of 20 of his football teammates to act as chaperones to ensure women got home safely.



These considerate boys are being hailed as 'heroes' for their feat. They operated a text service from 9pm on Saturday night to 5am on Sunday morning, where women could request a chaperone - helping 30 students make it home safely.
The team now hopes to inspire more sports societies across other universities to follow suit. The young men won praise from dozens of girls and were described as 'angels', while the mum of one female student 'cried with happiness' over their act of kindness.



Ben, the student who initiated the cause said,

“When I heard about this [National Rape Day] hoax, I thought, 'This is absolutely horrible.' I knew my ex-girlfriend was going to a party on Saturday. I text her, saying, 'I'll happily walk you there and back anytime.' We were talking to each other saying, 'There's got to be something we could do.'”
That is when he decided to message his team's group chat, asking who would help him with his plans. Soon enough, 20 members of the team vowed to give up their Saturday evening to join him on patrol, despite being in the middle of important exam revision."

Ben further explained,

“I said, 'Since I'm staying in on Saturday, why don't I get a few of the boys from the football club to help me?' "I put a post in the group chat and said, 'Gents, on Saturday, I'm going to put a post out to say I'll be chaperoning girls and walking round the streets in my red top, with my student ID on so everyone knows who I am, to make them feel safe, even if this is a hoax.' The response from them has been incredible. My plan is to have four groups of five walking around in their red top.”

He continued,

“Whenever we get a text or a call, I'll send off two people to go and chaperone people while the rest of us are patrolling. I think we'll be up all night doing it. My initial thought was maybe 9pm until 5am. The thing that scares me is going to bed and missing one. We want to make sure everyone knows they can be safe. I think this is a small step I can take to try and help.”




Since then Ben has been receiving messages of support from girls who believe the service will make them feel safer.

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Article and Image Source: LadBible

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