Candace Cameron Reveals Spicy Sex Life Is The Secret Of Her 24 Years Of Still Hot Marriage.

Candace Cameron Reveals Spicy Sex Life Is The Secret Of Her 24 Years Of Still Hot Marriage.

Candace Cameron Bure is known for her exceptional career especially in Fuller House. Alongside this, her personal life is what surprises everyone with her long-time husband Valeri Bure and the marriage is now going to be of 25 Years. She has revealed some secrets to keep it alive for a long time.

Candace Cameron is class apart whether she’s starring in another Hallmark movie or playing DJ Tanner in Netflix’s Fuller House reboot, her Hollywood career is as steady as they come. But when it comes to her personal life, that also seems perfect and well kept.



The 45-year-old actress has just revealed that changing things up while being intimate with a few surprises are the keys to her happy 24-year marriage to former hockey player Valeri Bure. And she recommends people to keep it that way so relationships would last even longer.





While appearing on Tuesday's episode of Daily Blast Live, Candace talked about how she's still so attracted to her husband decades later. And how her husband never gets bored. Although it's an effort from both sides and it requires patience, change, and a lot more.

"The longer that you're married it's so easy to take each other for granted," she explained. "You know each other so well that you forget, so you have to keep it spicy and I love that."



"My husband and I do. That's one of the reasons we'll be celebrating 25 years of marriage this year," she added when asked about how they are going so well still.




She recalled her picture a few days back which sparked a controversy on the Internet in which people and usually Christians pointed out it to be inappropriate. She said that physical intimacy has a significant place in married life and she feels she shouldn’t be sorry for that at all as Valeri is her husband and they are open to these kinds of things.



Candace has remained very open about her personal life from the very beginning and gives advice to couples to spice things up a bit after a few days to keep the relationship fresh as this was what she always does.

Article source: Diply

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