Cancer battling father surprises his son with a puppy after passing away, viral video.

Cancer battling father surprises his son with a puppy after passing away, viral video.

Cancer battling father who had an allergy of dogs surprises his son with a puppy after passing away. The video went viral tearing people's hearts!

Parent's love for their children is never-ending and without any purpose, it's natural and has no boundaries. Even if their souls depart from here, their love remains evident in different things.
Same is a story here of a 13 year-old-boy whose father died of cancer leaving behind his son's most favourite thing.

Logan Kavaluskis, a 13 year-old-boy whose father was suffering from cancer and could not keep a dog at home, gave his son a surprise after he passed away. Logan had a crazy love for pets and especially dogs, but due to his father's medical condition, he could not keep one.




But Joe, being the dad planned a surprise for his son, as he knew his days are ending, that would light up his mood whenever he would be feeling low. And that was a pet dog for his son.




Joe was battling this cancer fight for 9 years but according to Logan his father always remained positive and served his family in all the ways he could. Although, it's quite tough to be in such medical conditions for such a long time and serve your family happy and ending up on a nicer note. But Joe performed his duties well and won the hearts of his family and the public now.



When Joe Kavaluskis realised he has not much time left, so he planned out this surprise for his son with his wife Melanie. And it ended up quite well. 




When Logan was handed over the dog according to the plan after Joe's death his expressions were unexplainable. The video that went viral had Logan's cousin, Jon who handed over the puppy to Logan, telling him, "That's from your dad. That's your dog."




Logan couldn't believe and named the puppy Indie after that. According to Logan's mother as in , the puppy has brought a lot of comfort and happiness to the family. Hopefully, this love will remain and Indie will be a sourcee of warming the family's heart.



The video since it's release has kept tearing people's hearts with love for Joe. The public has admired Joe's efforts for his family and Logan. And how fathers are a source of constant joy in one's life.



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