Canada's Best Doctor Recommends Everyone To Wear A Mask When Having Sex And Avoid Kissing New People.

Canada's Best Doctor Recommends Everyone To Wear A Mask When Having Sex And Avoid Kissing New People.

Sex in a pandemic can be problematic, says lead doctor in Canada, and it's safer to avoid hugging and maybe wear a mask to keep Covid-19 from spreading. Dr Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer, released a public warning on remaining healthy from the infection during sexual contact.

The Chief Medical Officer for Canada advises wearing facial masks when having sex.

Dr Theresa Tam said on Wednesday that people too should stop kissing to discourage coronavirus spreading.

Solo sex, she said, was the least dangerous sexual choice and the safest way to defend against the virus.

"Sexual health is an important part of our overall health," she said in a statement.

"However, sex can be complicated in the time of COVID-19, especially for those without an intimate partner in their household or whose sexual partner is at higher risk for COVID-19.


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"Like other activities during COVID-19 that involve physical closeness, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus.

"The lowest-risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone."

You are very unlikely to catch COVID-19 from semen and vaginal fluid, according to Tam, but it's the closeness that comes with sexual intercourse that could raise the chance if you're with new partners.

"Even if the people involved do not have symptoms, sexual activity with new partners does increase your risk of getting or passing COVID-19 through close contact, like kissing," she said.

Theresa Tam


According to Tam, steps you can take before sexual contact include looking for signs, restricting alcohol intake and other drugs "so you and your partner(s) can make healthy choices," wearing a mask that protects your mouth and nose, not kissing, and preventing close-ups.

"The most important step is to establish a trusting relationship with your sexual partner," she said.

A recent Harvard University study has also found that having sex can transmit coronavirus, and suggests that partners who are not quarantining together wear face masks as a precaution during sex.

The British Columbia Center for Disease Control provided safe-sex guidance to Canadians in July that included using "glory holes," which are tiny openings in walls or partitions that facilitate oral or penetrative contact.

"Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact," the advice said.

Canada has reported 129,425 COVID-19 incidents, and 9,132 deaths, according to estimates from the government.


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More Info: Public Health Agency of Canada


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