Savage Kids Who Threw Some Truth Bombs And Made Everyone Awkward

Savage Kids Who Threw Some Truth Bombs And Made Everyone Awkward

These parents know how savage their kids can be and shared some very interesting instances when their offspring got ruthlessly brutal. 

As adults, we've learned that being polite and minding your tongue will earn you plenty of social recognition. But children have a completely different understanding of that concept. Kids have no social filters. They just say whatever comes to their mind, and it often results in some really funny situations. They're on the throes of discovering what it takes to talk to a fellow human being, and it's fun to watch them while they make these poorly constructed statements. 

These parents know how savage their kids can be and shared some of the instances when their offspring were ruthlessly brutal. 

1. A truthful young man 

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This dude's little kid decided that singing was his passion, and repeatedly sang the chorus of a song he had made up. "You can't soooolve Mississippi's problems," is one deep-hitting lyric!

2. Just casually checking in

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One father asked his little kid if everything was going alright in the bathroom, as any good parent would! When dad asked "What's going on in there?" his son nonchalantly replied: "Nothing, it's just me and my p*nis."

3. A whole lotta love

One person said that their cousin's daughter had the best quip ever when people said they loved her. When someone chirped: "I love you" the little girl would say: "I love me, too!" for a very long time!

4. Stay away from the greens

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One dad's conversation with his wife was interrupted mid-way by their 7-year-old, who went on to inform them that salad was ruining his life. Kid, you're not alone!

5. The ultimate weapon

One man recalled the time he took away his son's toy weapons and sometime later, spots his kid building something with his Legos. Dad tells his son that he was proud that he listened, to which the kid tells his dad that he was building the ultimate Lego weapon to destroy him later on. Persistence!

6. Bored already

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One feisty little girl decided that she needed to meet new people after growing tired of playing with her parents. You can't ignore sass like that, easily!

7. They can't hold back!

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You know, in a way, this kid is only insulting himself by calling his mom ugly...

8. Unbiased opinions

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Why would you hurt me like that, you evil little thing? (Cries)

9. A better version of 'mind your own business'

This guy once told his dad to look the other way in the sweetest manner ever. When his dad said: "I don't ever want to see you do that again," this clever young chap said: "Okay close your eyes."

10. Say yes to the kitty, already!

Source: AcidCow

One little guy asked his dad if they could get a cat, but the father reminded his son that his mom was allergic to cats. The son then asked his father if they could get one 'when mom dies' to which the dad said: "Sure."

Have you had any hilarious interactions with kids that you can't ever forget? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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