Bride in India Calls Off Wedding After Groom Fails Quick Math Test.

Bride in India Calls Off Wedding After Groom Fails Quick Math Test.

An Indian bride, who was skeptical of the groom's educational qualifications, asked him to recite the two times table. On failing, the bride left saying she could not marry someone who did not know basic math. Reports say the groom's family failed to convince the bride to return.

This Indian groom could never have predicted that failing a basic math exam would jeopardize his marriage plans. The bride and the groom were supposed to be wed last Saturday, May 1, through an arranged marriage. 

A bride in Uttar Pradesh called off the wedding after the groom failed to recite the table of two (multiples of two.)

According to media reports, the bride was suspicious of the man's educational qualifications, and just before exchanging the garlands, she decided to try a simple 'math test' for the groom.

The groom arrived at the wedding hall with the wedding procession on Saturday evening, but the bride, who questioned his educational qualifications, demanded that he recite the two times table before the garlands could be exchanged.




As the groom failed to recite the multiples of two, she walked out of the wedding saying she cannot marry a person who does not understand the basics of mathematics.

It was an arranged marriage and the groom is said to be from Dhawar village of Mahoba district. The wedding was called off after the groom failed to recite it.

Friends and family members were unable to persuade the bride to change her mind. The bride's cousin expressed surprise at learning that the groom was uneducated. 

“The groom’s family had kept us in the dark about his education. He may not even have gone to school. The groom’s family had cheated on us. But my brave sister walked out without fearing social taboo,” she said.

Since both parties reached an agreement on the intervention of prominent citizens of the village, the police did not file a complaint. However, the bride and groom's families were required to return gifts and jewelry as part of the agreement.


Article Source: Gulf news

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