Brad Pitt Wins Legal Case Against Texas Woman Allegedly Scammed By Fake Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Wins Legal Case Against Texas Woman Allegedly Scammed By Fake Brad Pitt

Since a judge dismissed her complaint, Brad Pitt secured his court case against a woman suing him for $100,000.

A woman who allegedly filed a case against Brad pit had lost the case. She had claimed that Fake Brad pitt had scammed her around $40,000. She further claimed that fake Brad Pitt won her over with marriage discussions.

Brad Pitt secured his legal bid to get a bizarre $100,000 case tossed out of court targeting him.

Businesswoman Kelli Christina was scammed by an Internet con artist out of $40,000 who dressed as Pitt and winning her over with "marriage discussions."

Yet she nevertheless sued the real Pitt long though she learned that she was not truly speaking with the Oscar winner, alleging in court papers that he should have done enough to protect his fans from impostors.

But a judge dismissed her suit on Thursday.

Christina, from Plano, Texas, reported that in 2018, the scammer contacted her online and asked her to arrange a series of fundraisers for the Make It Right Foundation of Pitt, which is constructing new homes for Hurricane Katrina victims.




She said in court papers that the fake Pitt asked her toattend the events for $40,000, then "cancelled" each time at the last minute, then vanished with the money.

She also said that the pair formed a friendship so close that they had "marriage discussions," said court docs seen by Page Six.

Last month, Christina sued Pitt, alleging that he should have done enough to shield her from his reputation being used by a scammer.

But on Thursday, according to court docs seen by Page Six, a judge granted Pitt's motion to dismiss the lawsuit in a Texas court, finding it 'meritless.'
Christina told Page Six, vowing to appeal the decision, that she will continue to fight.




She told Page six she was filing the suit because she was so upset that she wasn't helped by the real Pitt, even though her identity was used to mislead her.

“Brad Pitt ignored all [my problems] [for] a year and a half,” she told Page Six in an email. “He was contacted [about the ordeal] at Make It Right [his production company], Plan B Entertainment, his Los Angeles home and his Beverly Hills attorney [in] the summer of 2019. All problems [were] ignored and yet it’s his name and reputation [being used to defraud people].”

To discourage these kinds of scam operations from unfolding, she is suggesting a collaborative initiative between the government and the Hollywood establishment.

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