Brad Pitt Spotted Spending Hours, Handing Out Boxes Of Groceries To Low Income Families In LA.

Brad Pitt Spotted Spending Hours, Handing Out Boxes Of Groceries To Low Income Families In LA.

The Oscar winner, and the Legendary Brad Pitt was spotted while spending several hours handing out boxes of groceries to families in need in Los Angeles. He didn't want to be noticed and was in a completely casual dressup.

The legendary actor, Brad Pitt who has a fine name and fame in the Hollywood industry and even beyond that for several reasons has now given you another reason to love him. 

The actors' philanthropist side was once again seen in his recent distribution of groceries among the needy families in Los Angeles.


Jeff Rayner, Coleman Rayner


It really touches your core when you see your favourite celebs do something like this and above that when they wish not to be noticed while doing something as a charity or just to become a helping hand. That's when you know, they are real superstars and deserve the love and respect.




Brad was seen in Los Angeles on Friday 20th November, unloading boxes of groceries from the truck he brought and handing them out to low-income families in the housing projects going on in South Central Los Angeles.


Jeff Rayner, Coleman Rayner


However, he tried not to be obvious and known around and wore a face mask and gloves, still the paparazzi recognized him, and took his pictures.




Even the families directly in contact with him had no idea they were interacting with such a famous person just because of his relaxed and casual attitude.

And also due to Pitt's casual outfit and the mask he wore to protect himself from COVID-19. His hard work and commitment to help didn't go unnoticed as some eyewitness reported that he showed zero swagger and seemed most concerned about his task.


Jeff Rayner, Coleman Rayner


He was seen carrying most of the load himself and took breaks for 3 to 4 minutes after each hour and had a cigarette at the back of the truck. Also, chatted with some other volunteers present there and had some coffee and a meal from a nearby restaurant.

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Article and Image source: Diply

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