Brad Pitt Is Being Sued for $100,000 By Texas Healthcare CEO Kelli Christina

Brad Pitt Is Being Sued for $100,000 By Texas Healthcare CEO Kelli Christina

Kelli from Plano, Texas, claims in court papers that she paid $40,000 for the actor to make five appearances at events that she arranged for his charity Make It Right Foundation,She claims Pitt canceled at the very last minute to each event with the promise of 'next time'.

Kelli Christina says that she was approached by the actor in the apparent catfishing scam related to Pitt's Make It Right Foundation in 2018 about raising funds for the charity, which was constructing 150 homes in New Orleans' Lower 9th ward after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Christina argues in court papers cited by Daily Mail filed in the Texas Eastern District Court that their working relationship developed into a personal one and there were "marriage discussions".


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Court documents read:

"Shortly after Plaintiff was approached by Brad Pitt regarding the charitable cause, in addition to the business relationship, a personal relationship began to develop between Kelli Christina and Brad Pitt to a degree that there were discussions of marriage between the two…"



Christina reports that the star who is worth an estimated $300 million (£231 m) took an extra $40k for Pitt to make five appearances at events she organised for the non-profit of Bitt, but he stopped showing up at the last minute, telling her he would join "next time".

The suit states: "Brad Pitt's appearance at the events was key to the events, donations to be made by attendees and were part of the agreement between Plaintiff and Defendants."

A report suggests that Christina was actually the target of a catfishing scam by a celebrity.



They said: "This is a sad case of someone who was the victim of an online celebrity internet scam that had nothing to do with the actual celebrity. Hopefully, others can learn from this unfortunate situation."

In court papers filed in a petition to dismiss the lawsuit, Pitt has denied having ever had contact with Christina and said that he has never taken money from her or asked anybody else to do so on his behalf.


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"Neither the Make It Right Entities nor Mr. Pitt entered into an agreement with Plaintiff. Rather, as [Christina] herself has acknowledged, it appears [Christina's] communications about any agreement were apparently with one or more individuals unlawfully posing as - but not in any way affiliated with - defendants online," it stated.

"By [Christina's] own admissions, the communications she now alleges to have had with Mr. Pitt on behalf of the Make It Right Entities, which led to the alleged agreement that forms the basis of her claims, were actually between Plaintiff and one or more individuals posing as, in Plaintiff’s words, 'fake Brad Pitts'' and not in any way affiliated with the Make It Right."

The Metro report estimates that Pitt's Make It Right Foundation spent $26.9 m ( £ 20.7 m) constructing more than 100 green homes after Hurricane Katrina between 2007 and 2016.

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