Boy Who Just Graduated Recreates His Look From The First Day Of School With His Beloved Dog.

Boy Who Just Graduated Recreates His Look From The First Day Of School With His Beloved Dog.

Saying goodbye can be the hardest part of life. Especially when it comes to ones' beloved pets. But this family is preparing to say goodbye to their family dog Rugger, in the most memorable and beautiful way.



Corie Bliss


Whenever we reach a milestone in life and we look back, it feels like all those years passed by in a moment's time. This young guy named Dylan graduated from high school and his mother wanted her son to mark the event in a unique way. The family decided to recreate Dylan's first-day school picture with their family dog Ruger to honor their pet for his important role in their family's life. 



Corie Bliss


Ruger has been a part of the family for over a decade and has been a loved and treasured family member since the day he was adopted. When Ruger came into their lives, he was still a puppy and Dylan was a young kid. The two grew up together to be best friends. 

Ruger was with Dylan during all the happy and sad moments of his growing up part in life and even shared the moment of their first day at school too. 

And so, years later, when Dylan was graduating high school, Dylan’s mother, Corie Bliss, came up with the idea to recreate the adorable photo from Dylan’s first day of school.



Corie Bliss


The picture turned out great and made the family nostalgic about their past memories in a good way. Watching the photos side by side proved to be a deeply emotional experience for Corie, and Dylan was happy to have a picture that perfectly illustrated Ruger’s importance in his life and the loyalty and love that exist between the two of them



Corie Bliss


Ruger has been with the family for a long time now and holds a special place in each members life. Unfortunately, this beautiful journey of Ruger will soon come to an end as the senior pup is battling cancer for some time and soon it will be time for him to lay down and say goodbye to his family. 



Corie Bliss


The family is devastated and heartbroken but they are making up for the time and doing their best to create more beautiful memories with their beloved dog Ruger. 

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