Boy sends pictures of him modeling in a bikini after a creep asked his sister to try it on.

Boy sends pictures of him modeling in a bikini after a creep asked his sister to try it on.

While selling her swimsuit on Facebook marketplace, Tess Wright was asked to try it on by a creep. Her brother jumped in, and tried it on to give the creep a taste of his own medicine.

As much as the internet has helped us in every sphere of life, it has also given creeps a platform to harass more and more people while hiding behind fake profiles. Recently, Tess Wright from Georgia faced something similar.

The school teacher posted a picture of her hardly used swimsuit that she wanted to sell on Facebook marketplace. While most of the people were genuinely interested in buying the product one of the creeps commented and asked to see a picture of it being worn before buying. How creepy is that?



Naturally, like most of us Tess wanted to ignore the comment. However, her brother, Kade, had a brilliant idea. He put on the bathing suit, struck a few poses and asked Tess to share it. They had no idea that the post would go viral.



Honestly, she should not have censored the perv's name and profile picture. They need to know their random acts of harassment dont go unnoticed.




While talking about the incident, Tess revealed that this was not the first time it happened and it is actually very common. She said,

“Creepy men like to take advantage of young girls on there. Never send a pic of you modeling the clothes. Sometimes, men will even make fake accounts acting like women who are interested in buying your clothes and ‘want to see it on. I usually just block these types of creeps, but if you have a brother like mine it might be a good idea to get him involved.”

Tess’ post about how her brother rushed in to save her quickly went viral online. Since it was a very savage clap back to all the pervs online.




However, the incident only highlights a sad truth. It is actually unfortunate that men and creeps like these are always out to make women feel unsafe even when they are sitting at their home and using their social media.

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Article and Image Source: Boredpanda

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