'Cheesing' Babies Is The New Bizarre Viral Trend And Honestly, We Don't Know Why!

'Cheesing' Babies Is The New Bizarre Viral Trend And Honestly, We Don't Know Why!

No, you didn't read that wrong! A new and viral trend has various people throwing cheese slices at their babies and filming it. They've termed the whole thing, 'cheesing'!

There is an infinite amount of baby photograph/video trends making rounds on the web. Who hasn't chuckled at a video of a child tasting a sour lemon for the very first time? As of late, however, another trend has turned into a web sensation and it could undoubtedly be the most bizarre one yet! 

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On the off chance that you haven't seen the recordings while looking through your newsfeeds, "cheesing" babies is obviously a pattern now and it's hands down the oddest "challenge" we've at any point seen. Yet, one thing that should be quickly addressed is 'why on Earth is this even a thing?'



There are various things everybody knows to be valid, for example, the way that babies are exceptionally adorable and quite vulnerable/confused. Yet, rather than the ordinary adorable infant recordings, you see on the web, there's another "viral" challenge that's winning over the entire web called "cheesing," as indicated by Fatherly. 



While some discover the recordings funny, some feel somewhat awkward and simply thrown off by the entire ordeal. 'Cheesing' is actually as it sounds. In the recordings (which are all over Twitter), the individual behind the camera takes a cut of yellow cheese, which ought to be as thick as could be allowed, and hurls it at the baby's face. 



The infants in these recordings don't seem to cry, however, once the cheese hits their face, they kind of paralyze and simply take a gander at the individual behind the camera with a blank face. It's extremely peculiar and, truly, sort of cringe-worthy. We're certain it's all in great fun and the infants in the recordings are off chuckling someplace, but come one people!



There are certainly more amusing things out there to make a viral trend about. In spite of the fact that a few people on Twitter are cherishing this trend, others have an issue with tossing cheese on children to the detriment of certain chuckles on the web. "Why would someone do that?" one Twitter user asked. 



"Is this a thing that people do?" another Twitter user asked. "Did I miss out?" In any case, similar to the "mannequin challenge" and the "cinnamon challenge," all things considered, the "cheesing" babies trend is simply a brief viral pattern that will end soon enough.



Be that as it may, this trend isn't actually new. Twitter users were doing something extremely similar in late 2018, however, as opposed to tossing cheese on children, they were tossing it on their pets and calling it "dog cheese", as per the Daily Dot. This, in our opinion, is a much better alternative to cheesing babies as the dogs can at least eat it later! 


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