Betty White Holds World Record For Longest TV Career Which Is Of Whopping 82 Years.

Betty White Holds World Record For Longest TV Career Which Is Of Whopping 82 Years.

The Guinness World Record Holds some hilarious records but some of them are quite shocking and influential too. This world record that Betty White holds is the one for longest TV career and undoubtedly Betty is seen for the longest time.

Betty White, the wonderful actor and comedian has been on TV for as long as anyone can remember and the witty actor doesn't seem to be in any mood to stop either. As her new made for TV Christmas movie is going to be on air. 




It turns out Betty White holds the record for having the longest TV career. She started acting in 1939 and her TV career now spans an impossible 82 years. What comes to mind with 82 years is that most people don't even live that long, let alone having a successful career spanning eight long decades. 




Guinness officially recognized Betty White for having the longest TV career, in 2014. She turned 99 earlier this year on January 17. Now she is 99 and imagines doing a movie when you're 99. I would be all cranky and moody I suppose but look at this woman.




Betty said she felt honored by the record. “I was astounded when [Guinness World Records] called to tell me. Who? Me!?! It’s such an honor," said Betty, when the record was given to her in 2014. 




She further added that the Guinness World Records intrigued her. "The book has always been fascinating to me. I can't believe I'm now associated with it. I am amazed at some of the records they keep. The longest fingernails?!?" Betty said. But still, her record is so honorable and she looks so active and perfect at this age too.





Article source: Diply

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