Beautiful Model with Down Syndrome Is Changing the Way Fashion World Defines Beauty.

Beautiful Model with Down Syndrome Is Changing the Way Fashion World Defines Beauty.

Chelsea Werner, a model with down syndrome, is redefining the beauty standards set by the fashion industry over the years.

Since the last few years, the body positivity movement has made major changes in the fashion world. The same fashion world that preached size zero in the past is all in beauty-is-not-defined-by-size. This has given more and more people to make their way to the top.
Chelsea Werner is just one of those models who is changing the way we define beauty.




Werner has down syndrome, however, her condition did not stop her from achieving her dreams. She has already landed on some huge campaigns while promoting inclusivity in the industry. For those who don’t know, Down Syndrome is a condition where an extra copy of the 21st chromosome is created. This genetic condition results in a higher risk of other health problems as well.




Apart from this, the condition can also result in some developmental difficulties affecting physical growth and appearance.
Although the effects vary from person to person, usually individuals with Down Syndrome may reach mental and physical milestones a little slower, most are more than capable of living active, full lives. Unfortunately, these individuals are usually discriminated upon.




Hence, it’s good to see people like Chelsea on the big screen. Before she became a model, Werner got her start as a champion gymnast. She had begun her training in gymnastics since she was a little girl. With constant family support and the help of her trainer she became a national champion.




The strong girl is a four-time winner of the Special Olympics National Gymnastics Championships. These wins and gymnastics shaped her confidence and that is when she decided to become a model. Of course she was met with skepticism.




Her mom said,

“We contacted all sorts of agencies in San Francisco and L.A. and every one of them told us that there's no market for a model with a disability.”




Recently, Chelsea signed with WeSpeak, a modelling agency that represents diverse models and since then she has appeared in big campaigns including ads for Aerie and Petite Ave. She even landed a cover of Teen Vogue.




With her incredible success, Chelsea hopes that she can bring more diversity to the fashion industry.




Explaining her ambitions, she said

“I don't think people with Down syndrome are represented enough the more we are represented, the more people will see how capable we are. I don't think these industries know how much the public loves to see our accomplishments.”

Article Source: Diply

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