Barber Offers Discount To Kids Who Read While Getting A Haircut, Says  “I Want To Make School Cool Again” 

Barber Offers Discount To Kids Who Read While Getting A Haircut, Says  “I Want To Make School Cool Again” 

This young barber from Tennessee has started a unique initiative in hopes to steer the young generation in the right direction and wants to make school cool again!

1. A Unique Initiative



It's not every day you come across people who value the real meaning behind Education. A young man from Tennessee knows the importance of Education well and has started a unique initiative for the purpose.  Jermaine Scott, in an effort to encourage reading among the kids of his community, has figured out the best way to offer a discount to the kids who read books while he cut their hair. 


2. "Barbershop Books Day"



Scott saw that the kids who usually come to him for a haircut kept themselves busy with their cellphones and tablets. He said, “When kids would come to the barbershop they were glued to tablets and cell phones. It was hard to cut their hair when they were focused on that.” He realized he has to do something about it and he found a way for that. The idea that Scott came up with was a unique one. He started the trend "Barbershop Books Day." On this specific day, that is every Thursday, the kids would get a discount on their haircut. But there is only one small condition with it. The kids have to read a book while they get the haircut.  Not so difficult to do, right?

He started offering a generous discount offer of $10 for kids who read while getting their hair cut, a discount from the usual $15.


3. "Education Is Key"



For his mission, Scott has even borrowed books from the local library and stocked them up in his shop for the kids to choose from.  The young man says he wants to make education a priority for the kids as this is something that he realized too late for himself. “Education, comprehension, literacy – if you don’t learn those key things you’ll never be able to really live in this society. You have to educate yourself.  Education is key.”

Scott said,  “I want to make school cool again.” 


4. His Way Of Helping Out People From His Community



According to Scott, the idea of "Barbershop Books Day" is not only to promote education among kids. But it is also his way to help the parents out. He said, the majority of the families in the Madison area are from a low-income background and they are working hard to keep even their lights on.  For people in this community paying $15 is not a less amount and if they get a good discount it's a big deal for them. 


5. Getting Donation From Country Legend Dolly Parton


Scott implemented his idea by checking out five library books and putting them near his chair. When the local news station got the news about Scott's initiative they aired the news on their channel. The exposure helped Scott in getting donations for his purpose.  Among them, one was from country legend Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Scott said, “Growing up and knowing about Dollywood and Dolly Parton, I’m overwhelmed with receiving the donation from her.”


6. Hoping To Steer The Kids In The Right Direction Through His Initiative



The idea for educating kids through "Barbershop Book Day" does not end here.  Scott now plans to expand his “Barbershop Book Days” to an “Ice Breaker Book Tour.” In this initiative, his goal will be getting kids excited to learn while also giving them positive role models through motivational speakers. 

Scott hopes that this is just the beginning that lies with lots of opportunities ahead in the future. He said, “We need some positive role models. I’m cool, I’m young, if I step outside my comfort zone and tell them that school is cool hopefully it will steer them in the right direction.”

If you want to play your role and support Scott's initiative, you can contact him through his Instagram account.


Source: littlethings, abc news


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