Barack Obama Jokes Michelle 'Would Leave Me' If He Joined Biden's Cabinet.

Barack Obama Jokes Michelle 'Would Leave Me' If He Joined Biden's Cabinet.

Barack Obama made it clear that he had no intentions to take a place in Joe Biden's cabinet, saying his wife would probably leave him if he did.

During an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Obama was asked whether he would consider joining the cabinet of Joe Biden. On which he replied hilariously that his wife Michelle would leave him if he joined the cabinet. He also said that his full support is with President Joe Biden.

Per PEOPLE, Obama said that to the best of his capacity, he would help Biden, but that he would stop short of joining his White House staff.

In a new interview with Gayle King on CBS Sunday Morning, the 59-year-old former POTUS talked about his present life situation and commented on the success of his old vice president.

Obama stated:

"I will help [Biden] in any ways that I can. But now, you know, I'm not planning to suddenly work on the White House staff or something ... There are probably some things I would not be doing, 'cause Michelle would leave me. She'd be like: 'What? You're doing what?' [sic]"




The former president also opened up assisting Biden on his campaign trail and slamming Trump for his response to the pandemic, stating:

"It wasn't personal.

The truth is everything I said, I was just stating facts.

It is not my preference to be out there.

"I think we were in a circumstance in this election in which certain norms, certain institutional values that are so extraordinarily important, had been breached - that it was important for me, as somebody who had served in that office, to simply let people know: 'This is not normal.'"



In a previous interview with 60 Minutes, Obama commented on the reluctance of incumbent President Donald Trump to concede the election to Biden, and the unsubstantiated accusations of voting fraud by the Republican representative.

Speaking with interviewer Scott Pelley, Obama stated:

"[Trump's allegations] appear to be motivated, in part, because the president doesn't like to lose and never admits loss. I'm more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this, are humoring him in this fashion.

"It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. And that's a dangerous path."




In a statement posted to Twitter and Instagram, Obama congratulated Biden in the wake of his projected electoral victory, writing:

"I could not be prouder to congratulate our next President, Joe Biden, and our next First Lady, Jill Biden. I also couldn’t be prouder to congratulate Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff for Kamala’s groundbreaking election as our next Vice President."

He added:

"In this election, under circumstances never experienced, Americans turned out in numbers never seen. And once every vote is counted, President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris will have won a historic and decisive victory."

The incumbent president, however has continued to insist that he won the election and is planning to take legal action against the Biden campaign.

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